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The Past and Present Come Full Circle

Maybe it’s because I don’t handle rejection well.  Or maybe it’s because I always thought people were exaggerating when they told me I am ‘bright’ and ‘sharp.’  Because that’s what people in the south do… we try to magnify the good in the people that we love, to lift them up and hope that their wings will take flight. 933 more words

Better Job

Why is it so important to succeed?

Everybody talks about success, growth, getting ahead – why is it so important? Right from the childhood our parents remind us to be better than others in school, in academics, sports and everything else. 162 more words

How to Encourage Trustworthiness

Success in business requires some willingness to trust people. When your company’s money and resources are on the line, how can you do a better job of gauging trustworthiness and thereby improve your likelihood of success? 110 more words

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