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A Lazybones' Guide to Avoid Procrastination

Warning: This article is meant only for those diagnosed with laziness and are currently in pursuit of a cure to this deadly vice.

After that serious-sounding warning, let me start off by admitting that I’m suffering from laziness since childhood. 646 more words

Better Life


My favorite animal is the tiger. Tigers know what they want and they go straight to it without hesitation. Tigers are brave.

Brave: Fearless. Not afraid. 375 more words

A Weird New Roommate

A Weird New Roommate

Dear (recovering) addict,

For many years I lived with a special roommate. We never argued, never disagreed, everything went. He always said yes to whatever I wanted, always there for me to ease my pain, never criticized me, and never complained. 580 more words

Saying Yes to Adventure

What is it that prevents us from going out into the world and saying yes to an interesting life and to adventure. Most of the time we would rather be comfortable watching tv on a Sunday night getting ready for work when we could be using that time to do anything! 234 more words

Random Thoughts

I was at the gym today and I just kept thinking of how proud I am that I’ve FINALLY set myself in the right direction to a better, healthier life. 52 more words

5 Ways to Survive College

College can be a very stressful time for many people. It’s a time in ones life where every aspect of themselves is being challenged. Studying day and night to earn a “successful” job, all while barely having any money and attempting to fit in the social norm. 645 more words