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Beware Of Becoming What You Weren’t Supposed To Be: Your Two Destinies

Tailors and Generals

The story goes that a man died and went to heaven. Meeting Saint Peter at the gates, watching the crowds of people passing through, he said, “Saint Peter, I’m curious. 1,708 more words

Developing Talent, Human Potential And Achievement

Network Marketing On Phone

Network Marketing signing up and closing on the phone after you have screened your prospects to find who is really interested in what you to offer them. 9 more words

Network Marketing

"The Teacher Who Changed my Life"

In the short story, “The Teacher who Changed my Life” the author, Nicholas Gage shares how a very important person, of which he mentions along his story, changed his life during his journey. 310 more words


Future Plans

My plans for the future is to run my own little lei shop. I learned how to make lei’s by watching my mom and all my aunties make lei’s growing up for all kinds of occasions. 374 more words

Be Your Own Boss

A new university year

Today it was my last first day of university. It seems yesterday I was excited about this new chapter of my life, the first exam, the opportunity to study when I want and all the things related to this. 349 more words

Better Life

Looking Through A New Lens

I am currently reading through a series of novels by D. Barkley Briggs called The Legends of Karac Tor. It’s a great “journey book” in the vein of Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia. 377 more words

Clay Staires

The Mustard Seed Diaries

Faith is defined as a certain expectation of things yet to come. It is what you believe. What you believe is directly connected with how you think over time and is influenced by your genetics, your environment, and other people. 1,296 more words

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I call it "Going Internal." The Mind/Body connection is very real and highly effective no matter what you are endeavoring.  No matter what activity I choose, I include my imagination. I can use a small amount of resistance and pretend it is much heavier. All I have to do is fool my mind, and that turns out to be quite easy to do. A study was done that involved two groups. Both had the goal to add muscle mass to their arms. One group went to the gym every day, 5 days a week. They enjoyed a 30% increase in muscle and had tickets for the gun show...yet, the other group was told to take a moment and visualize yourself going to the gym and working out.  With nothing more than thought, they had a 15% increase. That's good news for people who does not particularly like exercise or going to gyms. When I go internal, I am watching red blood cells float by. I am watching the energy spike in the muscle as it fills with lactic acid. I lower resistance, change angles, alternate with another muscle group to flush out the lactic acid. When I can no longer do that, I move immediately to another muscle group. The point is to elicit adaptation. Adaptation is one of my favorite features of nature. We are a reflection of our choices. It is important to like what you see and who you are, because negativity will derail you quicker than any other force.  I have to have faith. I have to believe that there is something out there bigger than me, yet that I am a part of. Quantum physics has shown us nothing is as it appears.  At the very core, we are nothing but energy with the ability to reason and comprehend. We live in an energy field, which resides inside a greater energy field.  I have been diagnosed as having a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening back in May 2004. It was a landmark moment in my life that I will remember forever. I did the research. Johanna Derbolowsky, the person who kindly offered me a free spiritual healing, and it turns out to be the equivalent of being touched by the Holy Spirit. It is what artists of the time portrayed as a dove descending on a person. I have also learned about the different Chakras and have not decided what to believe. What happened to me in 2004 is no less an enigma just because it has a name. Life has not always been easy for me. Comfort comes in knowing that we will never starve so long as I can sell. A free spirited person is a natural salesman. Think about what that means on a scale greater than profession? Virtually anything we want for ourselves requires a good sales-pitch. This is all connected. You need to be confident. Not just at times, but always.  Confidence can be part of who you are and you merely have to choose it. Then, you act as a confident person would. Even if you are faking it, you are learning it. You are learning how to be confident and your mind will buy into it. A brief stroll over to my profile on LinkedIn and you will find documents that I scanned in and uploaded. They are memorandum from the company I worked for from September 1994 through 1996, when I got my broker's license. If I ever feel doubt. If worry sneaks in. If I start losing faith rather than watching it grow stronger, I will always have something special. It is not what I have to say about me. I need only to bring you to the lake if you are looking for water. Click on Promotion Announcement. It came 12 and a half months after my first day. The CEO tells the audience that not only am I going to be running the top branch in the company which happens to be in the smallest market. I was called the top-ranked loan officer and my average was almost $100,000 more than what they considered PAR. Remember that I was selling mortgage loans. If you own a home, you know that it takes weeks from the time you apply, until the day you close. I didn't close my first loan until six or seven weeks. Another memorandum by Bill Painter and Greg Beese, was titled SUCCESSFUL IDEAS/SUCCESSFUL LOAN OFFICERS. It came off the fax in the middle of May 1995 and made a business letter I had authored and requested authorization to begin using was made mandatory for the entire company. I brought in the New Year, 1996, standing on the white sand beaches of Turks/Caicos, courtesy of Resource One Mortgage Corp. I am a confident salesperson and would excel under any circumstances. But, I do not have career fulfillment too far outside the creative process. I am an artist and I am a creator. I am an original who embraces freewill as a philosophy dedicated to living a better life. Do you need money to be a free spirit? I wont lie and say it isn't helpful. Money is a resource and I will always have as much or more than I need. It seems to be a direct result from living life without the baggage. A clean conscious is bliss. Giving is rewarding. Loving will bring love back in a torrent. It holds true both ways. I should alert you to the fact that if you hate, you are hated. If you are bitter, you call more reasons to be bitter into your life. It isn't rocket science, but it is science.