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How One Thing Can Change Your Life

I know. You are probably rolling your eyes at me right now. Only one thing can change my life? Really? Well, yes. This isn’t one of those “magic diet pills” or “get rich quick” schemes. 305 more words

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Moment #2: The Light in a Better Life

I have always been told that no matter what happens in life, you need to find the light or be the light in all situations. This is so much easier said than done. 392 more words

There has to be more...

Do you ever just get the urge to walk out on the edge and re-invent yourself? Lately  I have been pondering just that. Life is good but can’t it be better… 299 more words

Better Life

Black hole trash can

Might be kind of convenient until it grew too big and swallowed the whole planet.

The other day I found a black hole.

In my kitchen, blacker than coal. 198 more words

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Right on Target: Top finds for the holidays

Note: This post is sponsored by Target (one of my faves and yours!)

I don’t want to survive the holidays, I want to enjoy them. For me, the key is all in the pacing. 533 more words

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Around 11:00am

I’m feeling irritable and antsy. I would cry right now. I would yell. I would, but I can’t. It’s like it’s all bottled up inside of me. 1,208 more words

Better Life

The love philosophy

I watch romantic movies more than I should and a lot of them have a similar story line; a clumsy girl with a sad life and a dysfunctional guy with a scarred heart come together to form a perfect couple. 427 more words