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Looking At Art

I took a picture of this art at the museum and the flash accidentally went off and as I was walking away a guard came in and starting telling a random tourist “no flash!” and she didn’t know what was going on and neither did he but he was determined and so I escaped into the next room. Also there was a pangolin.

First Impressions

In The Garage

I like coming across old cars in garages and yards that clearly don’t run anymore. There is something wistful in the way that they have been allowed to gracefully decay. 44 more words

First Impressions

People Practice

Summer is almost over! And the only time I went to the beach was to take a crooked picture of a random tourist dude. Oh well. 48 more words

First Impressions

Picture Taking

Until now my mission had been to walk around and take pictures of stuff. That is easy because I always have my camera and I take a lot of pictures of everything everywhere. 64 more words

First Impressions

The Catfish

You cannot use pictures from 2011!!!

So this is the first lesson I learnt of Plenty of Fish… don’t trust the photos!!!

I received a nice enough email from a guy (now known as Catfish) so I had a look at his profile and was very pleased with what I found… he was 5ft10 which is great for me as I’m short and had great pictures and had one showing him playing rugby. 532 more words