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I'm not exotic. I'm asian.

“Dedicating this one to Kate. It’s a scene from ‘Better Off Ted’ an awesome show that was cut down by their American network overlords… such perfect casting, writing, … sigh”

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Some people are making wagers on which new television series will be cancelled first. I don’t know if you can bet on it in Vegas; maybe at one of Terry Benedict’s casinos. 377 more words


Childish Gambino: the other half of the swan CAN sing

I’ve got a lot of time for Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover). I loved him on “Community”; I was surprised and disappointed when I heard he was leaving to pursue a music career – let’s face it, without Troy Abed is just half a swan. 375 more words


Better Off Ted

“It’s hard being friends with girls.
It’s hard being friends with guys.
I wish there was a third gender, one with boobs and incapable of judgement.”