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Listening to music. Some song you actually don’t want to hear starts playing… being to lazy to change the song, because you are just so comfortable the way you are…
Just Lazy Stuff

Being without a routine

Just sleeping when you want to or staying up the whole night, that is something every lazy person does. Through that you might as well go to work very sleepy… and you only do that because you wanted to play a certain game, read a certain chapter or even watched a movie you really wanted. 87 more words


Me and trains...

Took a train. Got a seat. After 5 minutes… this train is broken take the one on the opposite side of the Track. Fine. Didn’t get a seat this time. 45 more words



…wanted to do something before I had to go… had plenty of time… at the end I decided to take a nap and do it later… was about to be late for the appointment… but sleeping was still the better choice.
Just Lazy Stuff



share/bounce optics

both witness the same feats



occupy present geometrical space

hobble next to one another. here. now. in this dimension



extend carbon particles everywhere & in between… 17 more words


17 Better Things To Do Than Going To The Gym

1. Eating at Trujillo’s Taco Shop across from SDSU. Pretty much anything on the menu is worth skipping the treadmill.

2. Stubbing my toe. I would rather endure those 5 minutes of critical pain than walk my happy ass to the gym. 284 more words