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How to become a better ADC - Rekkles

Some tips to become better as an AD Carry
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How To Become A Locksmith
So you want to pursue a career in Locksmithing? 22 more words

How to become a better Striker ft. Lean Machines

Subscribe to the Lean Machines! The Lean Machines take you through an insane workout carefully tailored for players who want to become a better…
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How to Build a Better DJ and 5SOS Noises - Morgan & Maddy Minute

Kelli Berglund and China Anne McClain build a better DJ and the guys of 5 Seconds of Summer make some weird noises in the studio. For more, subscribe at… 23 more words

Much Better Properties And Gardens

Organizing Ideas Garden At Home Page | Reforming Park is the property of outdoor activities interesting. By adding hardware elements on the property web page such as garden lights, fish ponds, fountains, pots, and all-natural stone combined with soft elements like plants will make the garden… by… 7 more words

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Getting Over A Fear

The best way to get over some fears that you want to overcome is (for me) to approach it. Realise when you are anxious about anything even in the slightest and get to do it. 450 more words


just went better

funny how a road block

was standing there

and then it was turned around

and life went on

and how it all seemed to remember… 49 more words


Lucas is Walking!

Thanks for all of your encouraging words. Lucas is walking around. And can you see that he is smiling? Wonderful!
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