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Catching a Mouse

More recently mice seem to have gotten smarter, I like to call them “stealth mice”.  In other words, you bait the same old trap that you have always used with peanut butter or cheese, put it in a high mouse traffic area, leave it.  123 more words


Positive side effects.

Heh, I just wrote my first post in nearly two weeks and I already feel better about everything I’ve been stressing about since then… Which would be, school and my relationships and my future… 449 more words

Cdukulele's Life.

Happy 2015

Busy life…writing books, promoting books, attending galas, making new friends…its a whirlwind.

This is the year to #BETTER

Be a better writer, be a better friend. 27 more words

Annalisa Hall

The 1960s Suburban Diet

(This is a reprint of a post I wrote in my previous blog at the beginning of January 2015.)

On January 1st I was cleaning out bookcases and came upon a photo album from about 20-years ago. 1,016 more words


How to Shun Complacency and Laziness

Such terrible words…complacency and laziness. They brings to mind terrible things…UNSPEAKABLE ATROCITIES!

Okay, maybe not. But really, complacency is what leads to everything we don’t want (unhappiness, lack of money, bad relationships), and yet it’s something we all have in our lives in some way or another. 196 more words


Stronger and Better

We have this weeping cherry tree, and it is amazingly beautiful all year round. This tree was one of the first landscaping items we bought when we moved onto our property almost 9 years ago. 841 more words

"Sparks" - Devotions

“Life is an opportunity for us to contribute something that outlasts us and makes the world a Better place than we found it.