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Mad Men is reaching its end, but what sets it apart is that it never will.

The only downside to a great TV show is that it has to end.

As the end of Mad Men nears it brings the sobering realisation that we’ll no longer be able to observe the complexities that constitute Don Draper, Betty Draper, Peggy Olsen, Joan Harris and Roger Sterling. 2,457 more words


Blogger Network #5 - Betty Draper Gingham Blouse

Just recently, and perhaps a bit late to the game, my fiancé and I have spent night after night after night watching back-to-back episodes of Mad Men. 309 more words


I don't hate Betty Draper

I spent the first two seasons of Mad Men furiously trying to diagnose Betty with some type of mental illness. This is surprisingly easy to do with television characters as they always have exaggerated personalities. 578 more words

Betty Draper

Mad Men: Babylon (S01E06)

A small reminder: I’m making my way through all of Mad Men before the last episodes premiere next spring. The plan is to do two episodes a week, with reviews going up Mondays and Wednesdays, but the schedule might vary a little bit.  1,653 more words


Mad Women

The first time I watched Mad Men, I was absolutely astonished by the fact that the pregnant Betty Draper was drinking wine like a boss and smoking like a chimney. 778 more words