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You Again (2010)

This movie makes me nauseous simply because I can’t stand bullying and it’s sort of a trip down memory lane og high school. If you think Moo is holding a grudge you should meet me… 269 more words


Bathing Suit Torture Part II: Call the Paramedics

My objective was to make my bathing suit shopping experience as painless as possible. The environment would be key. I needed a store that was calm with wide open aisles, soft music, helpful salespeople. 1,090 more words


This "Golden Girls"/"Super Friends" Mashup Video Is The Best Thing You'll See All Week

Anyone who has the nerve to say that they don’t know much about The Golden Girls because it was before their time should be smacked upside the head. 235 more words

General Interests

Guess what? I'm still hot!

This week, Candy and Alyssa both mixed things up in Body Pump and RIPPED and threw in some new tracks to their playlists. Or… maybe they were only new to me? 1,063 more words

My sister's a b***h

Darling Vero,

There was a time when people would hate you and you would be completely oblivious to it. I would always tell you: “of course this person can’t stand you, you refused to lend him your (insert expensive equipment here)” or “she just doesn’t like you, you are her boyfriend’s best friend… who recommended he stick to his previous girlfriend”… I believe I even suggested that you should hate a couple of people. 312 more words

Nat's Letters

Common Sense, Class & Empathy

In an interview on Lizard Larry King Now, Betty White briefly (reminded us why she is the greatest human who lives) mentioned her attitude towards gay issues. 185 more words