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White House used Funny Or Die to promote Healthcare to Youth

A while back on Tuesday March 11, I came across a video that blew my mind. It was not a parody or sketch comedy video. It was a video featuring the most unlikely pairing of personalities I could ever imagine up until that point. 826 more words

The First Family of Selfies

Joe Biden took his first selfie today and it looks like this!

I love how President Obama and his staff are always following trends with humor. 83 more words

Have You Met...

Too late for late shows

President Obama and First Lady Michelle have been surprising people lately: they’ve appeared on “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” and “Between Two Ferns” with Zach Galifianakis, two shows that are far from the serious, lackluster world of politics. 271 more words


April 16th - A Fern Between Two Ferns

It started with Michael Cera. Then Barak Obama. Now it’s BikeInShape’s turn give an ode to Zach G. in the form of a sorry excuse for a Fern. 43 more words


Everything, Everything, Everything is Crap

Sometimes, in conversation, you criticize someone or something, and another after another complaint comes out. Soon indignation climbs on indignation until you’re riled. The world fills with unjust and intolerable and dumb circumstances. 626 more words


The problem is not Fox News

Remember how much people used to complain about Fox News and they’d snidely say ‘Fair and Balanced’ like it was anything but? And it’s true that Fox News found a niche questioning Democratic policy as opposed to merely questioning Republican policy like much of the mainstream media did. 214 more words

Between Two Ferns


Philosopher Jurgen Habermans developed the concept of the public sphere within his 1962 book, The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere. Within which he defined his idea as, 593 more words