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Potato Wrapped Lobster

Starter for a dinner last week. Deep fried potato wrapped Maine lobster tail with butter poached claw, truffle beurre blanc, basil and chile oils.


Recipe: Beurre blanc


250g butter (the best you can get. Unsalted of course)

150g – 200g shallots

20cl white wine

10cl white wine vinegar

10-20cl cream (very optional) 363 more words


Dog days of summer

I am honestly heartbroken over the news of Robin Williams’ tragic suicide. He was such a naturally funny person who brought so much joy to everyone. 317 more words

Eat To Live Well

Chapter 23: Week 21: A microbiological initiation

A microbe, our teacher tells us in our ‘Hygiene’ class today, is an infinitely small living being visible only through a microscope. I want to tell her that anything that is ‘infinitely’ small is, by definition, not visible through anything, let alone a microscope, but desist. 1,241 more words


Every night is a deck night

My Deck.  My haven and heaven.  Once Memorial day rolls around every year The Deck is in full swing.  Each night torches filled with mosquito zapping oil are lit. 441 more words


Chapter 21: Week 19 – Now THAT'S a pudding!

Our weekly classes are settling into a nice rhythm now that we’re over half-way through our year here at the Ecole d’Hotellerie in Avignon.

We cook one dish in the morning, a second in the afternoon and have an hour-long lunch break followed by one hour of classroom lecturing in the middle. 1,937 more words