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Finish the work I started yesterday on Beurra Blanc.

Procedures;I heard to use a nonaluminum pan to prevent discoloring the sauce. Do not use a thin -walled or nonstick pan, as heat is not evenly distributed in a thin -walled pan and a nonstick pan makes it difficult for an emulsion to set. 271 more words

The Culinary Tales Week 9: Thanks for All the Fish

I was really excited for Fish Week, and not just because I’m a Pisces. Truthfully, I love seafood for a number of reasons and, though it gets made far more regularly than steak, wished that I’d made it more often at home. 613 more words


Salmon with Lemon Caper Beurre Blanc

I made this last night and it was heavenly!!  I cooked the salmon on my wood barbecue till it was flaky on the outside and soft, slightly underdone in the middle.   313 more words

Scooby Snacks