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The Evolution of Denial in Atlanta Test-Score Cheating Scandal

Rachel Aviv’s extraordinary New Yorker magazine essay, Wrong Answer, traces the evolution of the Atlanta Public Schools standardized test cheating scandal.  Aviv describes how school administrators, driven by the Adequate Yearly Progress requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act, wielded pressure and shame over several years to recalibrate the moral compass of one middle school’s most dedicated teacher. 579 more words

Policy Should Improve, Not Punish

Does Overemphasizing Data Corrupt Good People?

The New Yorker just released a comprehensive piece on the data-driven cheating scandal in Atlanta, GA. A lot has has been written about this, but the author, Rachel Aviv, puts a different spin on it by telling the story through the eyes of a dedicated middle school teacher who sincerely believed that in cheating he was doing the best he could for his students. 237 more words