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I Watched Every ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Thanksgiving Episode, and All I Got Was This Unexpected Appreciation for Steve Sanders

Beverly Hills, 90210 was on for ten cast-shifting seasons from 1990 to 2000. It bore a seven-season spin-off in the original Melrose Place and a five-season reboot on The CW. 1,060 more words


Yopsipes Vol. 2

Cooking for the holidays? Let me help! The recipe book for everyone’s inner fat girl is back with some great new treats based on everyone’s favorite holiday activity – enjoying reruns of your favorite TV shows in a separate room from your family. 563 more words

BH90210 8.18, Rebound: We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together

Summary: It’s Lame Slow Jam Night at the After Dark – oh, wait, that’s Jasper’s Law performing. David insists that they’re awesome and Noah should let them play there more. 1,682 more words


Taking a break from writing...

In honor of kiTT’s birthday (the fabulous TongueTwied), it’s time for another episode of:

Theme music:

*West Twilight Hills High*

“Hey, Steve. What’s up with that grin? 2,049 more words


BH90210 8.17, The Elephant's Father: Finally, Someone Else Wants Brandon to Go Away, Too

Summary: Brandon and Steve are discussing the events of “Illegal Tender” and how much of an idiot Brandon is. Valerie comes home from her arrest, complaining that the betting she was allowing at the club is no different from gambling. 1,401 more words


Fandom Friday: Bad guys gone good

We all know the story: The good kid from school gets in with the wrong crowd. Time moves forward, peer pressure sets in, and we now have one newly developed bad kid who drinks, smokes, and curses. 961 more words

Eggs in PurgaTori Spelling

I’ve never been more heartbroken at an airport than I was last night. Embarrassed sure (who isn’t when they are arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour after spotting a colonial… 320 more words