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Ian Ziering shirtless in Beverly Hills 90210 3-04 "Sex, Lies And Volleyball/Photo Fini"

I don’t think Steve (Ian Ziering) had a shirt on for the entire episode. The scenes at the Beach Club were a great way to get the guys tops off and Steve never disappointed with his hairy chest out in the sun.


Ian Ziering shirtless in Beverly Hills 90210 3-03 "Too Little, Too Late/Paris 75001"

Ian Ziering spent the whole episode with his top off and in the sun, which was very nice of him. There are some Luke Perry in a singlet thrown in too.


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Luke Perry shirtless in Beverly Hills 90210 3-01 "Misery Loves Company"

It is never good to date behind your parents back but if the guy was 90s era Luke Perry, who came blame Brenda.


Jason Priestley, Ian Ziering and Jim Pirri in Beverly Hills 90210 2-20 "A Competitive Edge"

The 90s fashion is really out in force here, big hair and fluoro tops. Brandon goes undercover for the school newspaper on the athletics team to investigate doping, cue gym scenes and more 25 years old trying play teenagers (one of which is a young Michael Cudlitz from Southland).

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Gordon Currie shirtless in Beverly Hills 90210 2-11 "Leading From The Heart"

Gordon Currie played a wheelchair bound cousin of Brenda and Brendon who Kelly had a thing for.