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How Are You Still Hungry!? - This Food Additive Might Be To Blame

You just ate so much Chinese food, but you’re still hungry.  You ate a ton of cookies, but you can always have one more.  You go to bed full, but wake up for a midnight snack anyway.   428 more words


There's WHAT In My Cereal!? - Concerned Father Calls General Mills

This Ingredient Found In General Mills Cereal Will Blow Your Mind.

When I first saw that it was in the cereal that’s consumed by so many Americans, I knew I had to do something about it.   166 more words


PLEASE BEWARE - "http://thekpopshopid.blogspot.com" / K-POP MARKET

Berikut pengalaman gua belanja secara online :

1.Beli vcd dorama Jepang “Strawberry on the shortcake”(SOS)

Sudah jaman dulu kala banget deh. Rasanya waktu akhir SMA atau awal kuliah? 791 more words


Buying or Selling a House With a Pool? Take Note!

Any properties with a spa or swimming pool sold from 29 April 2015 are required by law to include with the Contract for Sale a Compliance Certificate. 348 more words

An ode to Halloween

It is around the corner, it is down the street, it is on the lips of everyone you meet.

There is the anticipation, the shuddering of the nerves, the movement of the feet. 336 more words

A Little Horror Story


For my cinematography class, we were assigned to do a film with at least using a technique known as color grading. Color grading as I have learned is using a type of software to change the overall look of a film based on the appeal of what you want your film to look like. 109 more words