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Or has Stevie Nicks started to look a lot like Samantha Stevens from Bewitched? Seriously. Were they separated at birth or something? This is a little creepy, ladies and gentlemen.

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The Universal Language of Magic

For some reason I started thinking about old TV shows and how good I used to think they were.  Maybe it’s because I’m feeling nostalgic or maybe it’s because my Cousin came by and we were talking about the movies we grew up watching.   540 more words


There was this strange aura around you, that I couldn’t resist.
I was drawn towards you
I never understood why,
and I am fairly positive I never will. 7 more words

5 TV Shows That Should Never Have Left Our Screens

Anyone that truely knows me will know about my sad obsession with long running TV shows. Actually, I’d say it’s more of an addiction and to be honest, I don’t even feel ashamed. 825 more words


1964: Witches, Spies, and Monsters

My plan for today originally was to come home after work and cut through a chunk of Dune for next weeks post. However i stayed up too late doing just that last night, and was up early this morning, and was dozing off every few lines. 415 more words


How do I unlove thee? Let me NOT count the ways.

After a series of life’s unfortunate events, the chapter where the lead actor of the story has finally gotten infatuated with a sick feeling towards someone, has been opened. 148 more words