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"Bewitched" Spoiler: Samantha Stevens Is a Witch

I went all out, if I do say so myself, on the occasion of the 50th birthday of Bewitched.

First, I learned how to do… 73 more words


5 Things Producers Didn't Want You To Know About Bewitched

There was a time when a twitching nose only indicated that allergy season was starting. That changed 50 years ago Wednesday, on September 17, 1964, when ABC aired its first episode of… 453 more words

I was chatting with a friend last night and this show came up ...

… of all things.

I think we might have been talking about Halloween season fare that was safe for young children.  Because my favorite standbys, like “28 Days Later” and “Dawn of the Dead” (both of them), aren’t exactly appropriate for the grade-school set. 80 more words

Antenna TV Celebrates 50 Years of ‘Bewitched’ with Erin ’Tabitha’ Murphy

It’s the 50th Anniversary of vintage TV sitcom ‘Bewitched’ starring Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, Dick Sargent, Agnes Moorhead and Erin Murphy, who played the littlest witch Tabitha and joins Dave Plier to talk about behind the sciences of the show and the upcoming Antenna TV Marathon airing Saturday September 20th. 13 more words

Dave Plier

Darren Stephens Was an Idiot

Hey, everybody! Holli Morningwood here from the Burke and Cole Morning Show.

Darren Stephens was an idiot.

I was in my local store (a big one, you’ve heard of it) and I was browsing through the Halloween section.  343 more words


Bewitched Băsescu

Bewitched Băsescu despre Udrea: „am mult mai multa încredere în ea decât în Ponta si Iohannis la un loc. Pe femeia asta nu am văzut-o mințind”. 8 more words



In the 70s, wizardy timeslip Brit kids TV prog Catweazle was remade in the US as a vehicle for William Shatner. It was renamed ‘Shatweazle’. 118 more words

Bill Herbert