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...But I Know What I Like

If there’s one trend among gaming journalists that’s been bothering me lately, it’s their obsession with video games “growing up”. It’s not that I think that no video game should ever that tackle more mature subject matter in a thought-provoking way, but then, that’s not usually the entire story when it comes to the common narrative with the ideal way for video games to grow as a medium. 1,996 more words

Professor Icepick

CBN's Top 5 Video Game Sidekicks of 2013 [Revisited]

Sidekicks have been the unsung heroes for decades. They often live in the shadows of bigger characters, but the best ones do not care. They never fail to support the lead emotionally or physically. 711 more words

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Abnormal Mapping 9: The Quantic Dreamcast


This month is a special month, as we’re joined by special guest Destiny Sturdivant of the Badland Girls for not only our first guest third chair but also our longest episode ever! 181 more words

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Excessive HD Remasters.

HD versions of games are going overboard these days. There’s nothing wrong with looking back and updating classic games after some time has passed. I think it’s good for the industry and good for the players. 330 more words

Rumor: Beyond Two Souls coming to PS4; Spotted on German Retailer Sites

Beyond: Two Souls, the game developed by Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain) for PS3, has appeared listed  for PlayStation 4 on two German retailers.

Looking back, three months ago an input code for a DualShock 4 controller appeared in the source code of Beyond: Two Souls. 183 more words


Video game characters modeled after real people

It is common for game developers to base a character’s appearance on an actor or model. Their facial expressions convey authentic emotions that help the story flow more naturally, plus it’s cool knowing a hero you love — or a villain you hate — is real … sorta. 529 more words


Another case of "the chase is better than the catch" -- Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls (BTS) for the PlayStation 3 was going to be something different. Of that I was sure. It was the one new IP game to which I was most looking forward last year. 1,585 more words

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