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Beyond Two Souls - Setting the Narratives for Games

I would consider this game one of my favourite games of last year, closely followed by the amazing The Last of Us 

A brilliant title directed and written by David Cage from Quantic Dream. 241 more words


When I first heard about Beyond: Two Souls, I was beyond excited. A gorgeous game from the makers of Heavy Rain where I get to play as Ellen Page? 1,233 more words


Why No Video Game Heroines? (A Respone to Time Magazine)

Yet-again, I come across another article in Time Magazine that perplexes me in how it seems to totally ignore a viable example of something that they are targeting that actually diminishes their position.  1,394 more words


The Dwindling Need for The Last of Us on PlayStation Now

Mysteries still remain for PlayStation Now, Sony’s upcoming streaming service that will allow you to play selected PS3 games on your PS3 / PS4 via an instant internet stream. 668 more words


Am I really playing fewer games?

Yesterday I went on Raptr for the first time in ages. I felt like I’d been neglecting the service and I do like it, so I did some spring cleaning and then discovered my unread… 670 more words

Critical Analysis And Reviews

Two Games, One Genre

Two Games, One Genre

Genre: Interactive Drama, Action-Adventure

Game 1: Heavy Rain

Developer: Quantic Dream

Platform: PlayStation 3

Engine: Quantic Dream Engine, Havok

Game 2: Beyond, Two Souls… 2,209 more words

Heavy Rain

Prompt 6: To Play or Not to Play

For this prompt I have been thinking about what really motivates me to play the game. I think, majorly for most players its the entertainment value: the narrative appreciations and the mechanic enjoyment. 369 more words