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BEYOND don't stare into bitmaps

BEYOND don’t stare into bitmaps is a visual and sonic installation, in tribute to Neal Stevenson’s  Snow Crash hero, Hiro Protagonist, “Last of the freelance hackers  and Greatest swordfighter in the world.”. 130 more words

Cabo Reflections: Mezcal, Comer, Sol, Mezcal, Comer, Sol...Repeat.

As I sat on our flight home from Los Cabos, zombified from a  week of bad wifi, good food and a constant flow of libations, I clung to my pen to recount the week’s best moments as if it were my last chance to escape our inevitable return. 989 more words


Psychedelic Resurection

The face of Divinity embraced; first death provided life (man) to creation (Earth) and brought body (manifestation) to death, that he might distinguish the first life.


Words sit close but beyond my mouth,
In a sunrise beyond they’ll surely fly south,
Out of reach but sweetest of taste,
Unbridled freedom of fears disgrace.


Jian Ghomeshi and Bill Cosby: Why Are Victims Coming Forward Now?

This isn’t a post I’m happy I’m having to write. I’ve been putting it off for a while and thought I could maybe even get away with not addressing it, but, after feeling physically ill over the whole situation, I felt like maybe putting my thoughts into words would help bring me some relief. 448 more words


beyond the surface

her skin was flawed,
she saw that when she looked in the mirror.
acne marked her face,
her thighs full of cellulite,
her boobs weren’t the same size, 104 more words

Beyond the Lights: Everyone's New Favorite Love Story

The chemistry between Nate Parker and Gugu Mbatha-Raw will leave you wishing you were a black bird… 99 more words

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