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FTC Sues Amazon

NEW YORK (AP) — The Federal Trade Commission is suing Amazon over charges that the company has not done enough to prevent children from making millions of dollars in unauthorized in-app purchases, according to a complaint filed Thursday in federal court. 108 more words


But...It Used to Work!

Kodak created the technology for digital photography but did not develop it because their profit margin on film was so large. They were afraid of undercutting their core business. 367 more words

Firing Up Your Media Presence

Amazon.com’s newly-unveiled smartphone–Fire–has a truly unique feature.  Called Firefly, it can “read” a picture of an object and find it for you—then try to sell it to you (Through Amazon.com, of course). 413 more words

20 years is a long, long time, Mr. Bezos

When one looks at the expanse, spread, complexity and impact that Amazon has had on our lives, it is hard to imagine that this kid is just 20 years old. 624 more words

2009 Era Phone For a 2014 Generation: The Amazon Fire Phone

This retard, Jeff Bezos, gave the worst product launch in history the other day for this phone, that I believe will never catch on. As I sat there watching his rundown of the phone and talking about specs, I could here in his voice that he was probably thinking “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT” and was just reading what were on those slides. 145 more words