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Why TitanFall is way too overrated.

Well you certainly have heard about the new FPS game that went out one or two months ago, the renewal of war games : Titanfall. I am a HUGE fan of fps and war games : cs:, BF2/3, all the CoD, UT2003/2004, TF2 (and all the non-online games too : Far Cry 3, Bioshock, etc), i’ve played my most beautiful gaming years on Fps, i’m good at it so i kept playing them for years and years, but since Cod Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3, i can’t find any good online fps games, so i mooved to League of Legend, still, i prefer to play fps, but there is none that i like now ! 949 more words

Losing respect for Call of Duty

Last weekend, Call of Duty: Ghost was %50 off on Steam, this also included a Free Weekend trial where Steam users were able to play Ghosts Multiplayer for free for the weekend. 933 more words