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#21: The Knicker Stealer

A:  What are you doing up there? Rearranging furniture?


A:  Huh?

B:  HE STOLE MY KNICKERS!!!  He left and I tried to find them and they are gone!   53 more words


After arriving in Canada, my parents both got their first jobs here working in a factory.  They were paid a whopping $3.50/hour.  They also lived in a time, where the home mortgage rates were an unbelievable 15-18%.  649 more words


My Relationship against yours: The beginning of WISDOM.

It’s normal to measure our own relationships against how we perceive other’s and use those perceptions to reinforce how awesome we are together or question if our relationship has any real lasting power. 378 more words



I let you in, allowed you to go inside of my walls, told you everything you wanted to know about me.

You acted like you cared, told me everything I wanted to hear. 249 more words

It Has Been Written

Hidden Emotions

“Dont wanna let you down, but i am hellbound”

I know what to do. I know whats the right thing to do.

Even though it hurts. 101 more words


First day of semester 2, still year 1

First day of sem 2, started off with a 10am lesson, hooray! No need to wake up super early like 7 as before. Wore pretty guyish today, a flannel checkered collared shirt, and skinny jeans that don’t look skinny. 364 more words

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