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Blogtober Day 2: Your best friend

“The pair of us are like salt and sugar: such different flavors, but so close in every other way you could never sort us apart once we’re together.”  – Sarah Miller…

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Rescue Dog

Goldie's Happy Tail!

Goldie, now named Omar Bradley Wells, loves his rides. His steps are in the back of his truck.    We love our Bradley who acts like a two year old when we call out squirrel. 39 more words


The Strength

I’ll take care of you, when your world bends, when the buildings break and I’ll find you straight lines that hold you steady.

Because you’ll need to take care of me, when my world does the same.


One Thing Better Than High Hair

I attended a rockin’ Twitter party last night.  It was a happy hour filled with flying fingers, cracked jokes, and community building. I was surrounded by a couple dozen amazing women, many of whom I am able to call “Friend”. 447 more words

Yes, Indeedy

QUIZ: What does your dog REALLY think about you?

QUIZ~~~~~~    What Does Your Dog REALLY Think About You?

I am in love with this quiz almost as much as I am in love with my doggie!
My result was “My World!”