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Rising Into the Supreme Spiritual Nature

Through the combination of the yogas of knowledge, works and love, the seeker increases the focus on the spiritual consciousness and moves his center away from the ego-based mental consciousness. 382 more words

Sri Aurobindo

From the Ropes of Restraints to the Ropes of Bonding

I’m tied with the ropes of material nature, so some Krishna Leelas attract me more than others. To those who are completely drowned in His pure love, all His Leelas are ecstatic. 867 more words

Integrating the Yoga of Love With Both Knowledge and Works

Each of the 3 paths of yoga, knowledge, works and love, addresses a specific aspect of the human being’s psychology. Separately, each one can achieve certain results; together, however, they provide the all-encompassing path that is recommended by the Gita. 404 more words

Sri Aurobindo

The Path of A Seeker

Those who set their hearts on Me and ever in love worship Me,
and who have unshakable faith, these I hold as the best Yogis. 91 more words


Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, Vs 42-43

Do you want to settle for what you think you want? Or do you want to have what you really want?

The flowery discourses of the ignorant proclaim delight in Vedic doctrine saying, “There is nothing else”. 537 more words


He can’t die! He’s Clint Eastwood!!

Clint Eastwood hits the dirt, he took a half dozen bullets … Some enraged man in the audience jumps up and screams, “Bogus!! He can’t die! 1,320 more words


The Integration of the Yoga of Knowledge and the Yoga of Love

The yoga of love and devotion, as a major path of spiritual development, has many potential avenues of approach and methods of implementation. We see this in different traditions that emphasize different ways to show one’s dedication and love for the Divine. 304 more words

Sri Aurobindo