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Becoming a Conscious Instrument and Power Of the Godhead

Human beings have a unique position in the world of manifestation as a transitional being. While we remain very much bound by the limitations of our animal nature, we also have a self-reflective capability, as well as an intuition of freedom and mastery. 380 more words

Sri Aurobindo

The Search for Truth: Part One

Empiricism: Faith in Sense Perception

Last week we discussed the role of faith in the human experience. Animals also function on the basis of faith, but the difference in our case is that our faith is mutable, like clay. 347 more words


When was the last time you did yoga?

I occasionally mount a pretty high horse to scowl upon some trends in yoga classes. If you want to see my gnarliest bitch face, tell me that you love power yoga. 978 more words

Yoga Philosophy

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, Vs 28-32

Life and Death and Heaven 

28 – 29 
Beings are such that their beginnings are non-manifest, their middles are manifest and their ends are non-manifest again, so why worry? 884 more words


Summary of first six chapters – Part 3

“Bhagavad-gītā kiñcitadhītā” – Summary of first six chapters – Part 3

Why karma is knowledge liberates? Arjuna was convinced that it is knowledge that liberates, but was confused as to why Kṛṣṇa was asking him to remain in karma and do his duty. 162 more words

Bhagavad Gītā

Overcoming the Limitations Of Action Centered In the Ego

The Bhagavad Gita was set in a predicament that is representative of the human condition. Arjuna represents all of us in his attempt to understand and apply a jumble of conflicting standards, feelings and demands in order to determine the correct course of action and manner of its implementation. 356 more words

Sri Aurobindo

Living Fearlessly

The cosmic law sees to it that duties that come to man in the natural course of life are those he is meant to perform for his own welfare. 46 more words

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