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UICollectionView - start viewing from a particular indexpath

I am creating a UICollectionView with paging enabled. Each collection view cell is a full screen image. By default I am able to view the cells from the index 0 (first cell). 33 more words


Subhashita - 23.09.2014

यथा भूमिस्तथा तोयं, यथा बीजं तथाऽङ्कुरः ।

यथा देशस्तथा भाषा, यथा राजा तथा प्रजा ॥


yathaa bhoomistathaa toyam, yathaa beejam tathaa’nkurah |

yathaa deshastathaa bhaaShaa, yathaa raajaa tathaa prajaa || 584 more words