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Bhopal: 30 Years of Struggle and Survival (Interview with Reena Shadaan)

Reena Shadaan: “It’s been three decades of mobilization against what is now the second biggest chemical corporation in the world and the Government of India. As the 30th anniversary approaches, much of the wider goals remain the same (assessment and clean-up of the site, holding the Dow Chemical Company accountable legally, etc.); however, many important successes have been won as well. 88 more words

No one’s to be blamed: hail the justice system

At the 30th anniversary of Bhopal Gas Tragedy, the world’s largest industrial disaster which killed over 20,000 people overnight and poisoned the remaining for life, instead of losing faith in morality and justice, let’s try to look from the perspective of the capital giants, the legislature and the government. 447 more words


Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Forgotten promises and false hopes

            It was a chilly, dark winter night of 2nd December, 1984 in Bhopal just like any other night. But the next few hours made sure that it would never be remembered as just other night. 559 more words


BAD Company Presents "Bhopal": "Theatre has a responsibility to bring a relevant, important, and meaningful message to its auidence"

Bay Area Drama Company presents “Bhopal”- a play in English.  Penned by Rahul Varma, it brings to life the human stories within the complex political and economic milieu that created the worst industrial disaster the world has ever known. 275 more words


Oh boy, Bhopal.

Sunday night was the first time I was alone alone since arriving in India. I got to the main Jaipur train station and said goodbye to my auto driver, already feeling a glimmer of nostalgia for the dysfunctional phone calls we shared. 1,527 more words


Sanchi- The Buddist town near Bhopal

Went my home town of Bhopal last month during the Diwali holidays. The winter had come in by then and there was surely a nip in the air. 419 more words