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How do you identify a new species of Aussie spider? Check their genitals!

Scientists who specialise in spider taxonomy carefully study each spider’s genitalia (called ‘pedipalps’), which are a different shape for every species.

They cut off the female spider’s genitalia, drop them into acid to make them transparent, and then look at them under a $5,000 microscope. 37 more words


Tasmania’s new racing stripe spider

After a relatively spider-­free night walk with the mob at Gowan Brae while on a Bush Blitz expedition, we came across some rocks near the track. 253 more words


BHP Billiton - The worlds largest miner cuts 500 jobs, and more to come

The worlds largest miner, BHP Billiton, has cut 500 Australian jobs out of its iron ore business.The jobs have gone in the last month, many more are expected and are linked to an ongoing review of the business by management consultants McKinsey & Company.The cuts come with the iron ore spot price having plunged more than 30 per cent so far in 2014 and the miner trying to slash costs. 500 more words

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Wealth = Quality x Quantity Part 1: Our findings

‘The production of wealth,’ as 19th century philosopher John Stuart Mill observed, ‘has its necessary conditions’.

For senior executives and directors charged with growing the wealth of shareholders, few things could be more important to understand than the ‘necessary conditions’ for the production of wealth. 1,150 more words

Economic Profit

Mick Davis Boosts His War Chest To $3.75 Billion, With BHP Billiton Assets In His Sights

At the risk of joining the dots and forming the wrong picture it now seems likely that a deal involving BHP Billiton, the world’s biggest mining company, and Mick Davis, one of the mining world’s most successful managers, and a man looking for his next…

Tesco banks on revival

Benny Higgins is best known as the banker who liked to say no. In 2007, he thought the housing market was getting too hot, so he tightened the terms of HBoS’s mortgage offer, and as the bank lost market share, he lost his job. 660 more words

North Cliff Colliery In Dharawal National Park

The defunct colliery is located on land in the centre of (but not part of) the new Dharawal National Park, a few kilometres to the south of Campbelltown. 126 more words