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Jonathan Harris

Sonam Wangmo talks about happiness in Bhutan 2007

Jonathan Harris (b. 1979, USA) studied computer science and photography at Princeton University. His projects include We Feel Fine… 333 more words


The Pros and Cons of Visiting Bhutan

Blonde visited Bhutan because the idea of it fascinated her; what did “Gross National Happiness” really mean in practice, how was life different in a profoundly Buddhist country, what would it be like to experience a culture still relatively untouched by Western modernization and how cool would she look in a picture showing that she’d made it the whole way to the Tiger’s Nest? 1,033 more words


Everest ER and Bhutan

The Medical clinic Everest ER is doing great work again this year at Everest Base Camp. If you are a medical professional and want to learn the best practices in high altitude and expedition medicine from these hard working doctors, you should join Dr. 69 more words


Finally, Khaling!

Khaling was the first place I had ever heard of in Bhutan. When I applied for teacher’s college, I was googling things I could do with my teaching degree and somehow came across a blog of a Canadian teacher living there. 1,075 more words


The Kingdom of Happiness.

I have very exciting news.

I’m going to Bhutan.

Now, the most common response I’ve gotten to this news is, “Bhutan, where’s that?”

So let me tell you a little bit about Bhutan. 944 more words

Travel Tuesday Office Travels: Bhutan

Bhutan: An Introduction

I knew this week was going to be good the moment I came in to my office on Monday morning, spun around five times, and landed my little passport on the country of Bhutan. 820 more words


Bhutan = Everything in this country is RED!

Bhutan will be remembered as a country with a lot of red. This color brings up various memories and associations depending on the context. It can mean: Communism, love, passion, anger, violence, blood, Valentine, cheap lounge chairs in a fast food restaurant, and commercialism (most of the successful brand logos bear red). 227 more words