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FUE: Frequently Used Evasions - #2

This is intended to explain and highlight repeated rationalizing by variations of believers in order to support their claims.

  • “Even phenomena explained by science are viewed with your opinions and biases.
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EXO's Wu Yi Fan

nghĩ đến cái ngày người ta không còn nhớ đến mày với tư cách 1 thành viên của EXO làm tao buồn buồn….

dù sao thì với tao, mày chính là Wu Yi Fan của EXO, mãi mãi là như vậy mày nhé 77 more words

Nhật Kí Fangirl ❤

Blah, Blah, Blah, and Claims of Media Bias

A couple of nights ago I went to a Jewish Community Center to listen to a talk by a respected scholar of Middle Eastern politics and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 762 more words

Political Conflict

5-foot-7 Japanese PG Yuki Togashi to enter NBA D-League draft

The other half of this dreams-can-come-true Mavs summer is 5-foot-7 Japanese point guard Yuki Togashi. The 20-year-old’s combo of stature, speed, instincts and fearlessness instantly made him a fan favorite over the past week, although not quite to the level of another Mavs Summer League point guard sensation a few years ago, a guy named  466 more words


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Mavs double-down: Sign a forward and fall for 5-foot-7 Japanese PG Togashi « NBA.com | Hang Time Blog with Sekou SmithI hope Jeremy Lin has paved the way for this up and coming Asian basketball star my be spared many of the ethnic slurs hurled at Jeremy Lin. BUT MOST OF ALL (for the sake of my Asian American, basketball-playing daughter), I HOPE THE OUTRAGEOUS STEREOTYPE/MYTH THAT "ASIANS CANNOT PLAY BASKETBALL" can finally be purged for good from the American consciensciousness along with the ridiculous stereotypes of drunken Irishmen and watermelon-loving African Americans.

Two Little Words

Daniel Wallace lived up to his (for Scots) historic surname in the 400m individual swimming medley, now I never thought I would see the day when I would care about swimming either, like most West of Scotland males, sport tends to involve a ball and a pitch not goggles and a pool. 591 more words


Missing the Message

Missing the message

Don’t miss the Message
Don’t miss the Messenger
Don’t be caught in the
Search for the faults
You think you perceive
If you would want to… 38 more words

Sensitive Surveys

In an earlier article, we saw that conducting a survey on a small unbiased sample of the population will give an estimate of the actual quantity we want to measure. 431 more words