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Sampling bias in everyday life

Sampling bias occurs when a survey or series of observations deals with a sample that is, based on something inherent in the methodology, biased in some way. 202 more words


The R-Index of Ego-Depletion Studies with the Handgrip Paradigm

In 1998 Baumeister and colleagues introduced a laboratory experiment to study will-power. Participants are assigned to one of two conditions. In one condition, participants have to exert will-power to work on an effortful task. 1,161 more words


Disunited Kingdom: growing prejudice within

I’ve been noticing more and more articles pointing to an immense growth of prejudice against the Scottish people in the recent months. I mean, from the… 402 more words


An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind...

Terrible news today of the murder of two policemen just six kilometers from where we live (of course, six kilometers is a lot in Brooklyn). The perpetrator was probably crazy, but it just demonstrates once more how fragile human life is, especially when firearms are everywhere. 581 more words

Judgment, The Big Elephant In The Room?

The Big Elephant Is Big Obvious

There is a part of me that I don’t want to acknowledge openly but it is there and needs to be outed for some reason. 348 more words


The Demise of the Past

We are no longer living in the past. The world around us is constantly progressing towards something every second of every day. Why is it that the more we progress, the more we retrogress as human beings? 594 more words