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Changing Winds in Science Funding

In an ideal world, scientists would conduct their research purely out of curiosity, passion, and humanitarianism, without an eye for their financial interests. Science is at its best when practitioners are as unbiased and objective as possible, because the results of scientific studies are sensitive to the conscious and unconscious choices scientists make in design, data collection, analysis, and interpretation. 1,394 more words


Young at Work

Let’s take a look at what it’s like to be a young person, working and living in today’s society.

Did you know that due to high housing prices and unemployment rates, the percentage of young adults living at home grew a staggering 25% since 1996? 1,259 more words


The Problem of Bias: Identity-Protective Cognition

There’s a brilliant piece by Ezra Klein on Vox that discusses the problem of “identity-protective cognition,” or reasoning in such a way as to get the facts in front of you to fit your own worldview, and its effect on politics (“ 493 more words


Self-sabotage in the words of… Phillip?

You know when you’re sitting around in the car waiting for someone, and you’re so bored that you start going through your Facebook newsfeed on your phone—clicking on all the posts that you didn’t give a frac about earlier in the day? 469 more words

Social Media

Race, Class, Gender, Ranking, and Hiring

Marcus Arvan has posted and commented upon data on this year’s tenure track hires over at Philosopher’s Cocoon, and Helen De Cruz and Carolyn Dicey Jennings have each made use of it in different posts over at NewAPPS. 42 more words

How to live longer

I’m a bit lazy today, not least because I cranked out about 7500 words yesterday on various projects I’m working on, so this isn’t a new piece. 471 more words

Common misconceptions about Germans

Hello my lovelies,

I have stayed in Germany for over a year now. When I had just landed in Germany, I was really homesick and cold. 632 more words