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I forced myself out of my place over the weekend.  I decided to see the movie “Transcendence” starring Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall.  I know what the film was meant to represent and I appreciated the sentiments brought up near the end but I wasn’t convinced.   496 more words

'Fair and balanced': MSNBC says pro-life group 'wants to protect the right to lie'

Earlier this year, MSNBC landed itself in hot water after putting out a tweet suggesting that conservatives are racist bigots. The network’s president eventually apologized, and we asked ourselves: … 580 more words

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Soda prejudice

So shoot me. I like Coke.  Not New Coke or Diet Coke or Cherry Coke or even Pepsi.  What I can’t abide is the mindless prejudice against all sodas and Coke in particular.  411 more words


A little bit racist?

I started thinking about attractiveness this morning.

Whilst I was sitting on the train this morning I saw man. Actually I saw lots of men. Tall ones, skinny ones, fat ones, fit ones, black ones, white ones and everything in between ones. 707 more words


Meet The New Positive Campaign, Same As The Old Negative One

No, Naughty Scotland has announced that it’s about to start it’s all new positivity drive, because us Jocks, especially the nasty separatist ones, didn’t spot the previous ones. 711 more words


An Simplicity Deluxe Bias and Piping Machine

Do you need industrial piping for a new pipeline installation and do you want to save money on the initial outlay? Are you tired of paying over the odds for Industrial… 276 more words