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Day 101: Lawyer's Desire to Drop Her Client

It seems my divorce attorney and I are at an impasse.  She wants me to drop her, request a substitution for attorney and sign the Borson motion. 342 more words


What Isn't Said

Liberal media bias? Try this on:

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank and Fox News both report on a mayor upset about the closure of the hospital in his small North Carolina town, which resulted in the death of a heart attack victim. 329 more words


Palestinians don't matter to us...

Nor do peoples of any marginalized far flung and seemingly “backwards” place matter to us.  Our bias is strong as ever. When a Malaysian airline flight disappeared, we were captivated by the mystery, but not by the tragedy. 293 more words


Philosophers in the media today

Jason Stanley on Detroit, water, and democracy in the NYT.

The chief values of democracy are freedom and equality. The willingness to subsume freedom to claims of efficiency is one sign of an undemocratic culture.

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In California, 95% of professor's donations goes to Democrats

From The College Fix.


With midterm elections looming, an analysis of professors’ recent campaign contributions to California lawmakers found that about 95 percent of their donations went to Democratic politicians.

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