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Rewards and punishment for hiring those unlike oneself

When women advocated for other women, they were seen as colder, and when people of color advocated for people like them, they were seen as less competent.

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Dog Lover: Owning a cat is akin to paying someone to be indifferent to you.
Cat Lover: Yeah well owning a dog is like paying someone to poop in your garden. 408 more words


Jeffrey Goldberg Asks a Damned Good Question About the Response to the Gaza War

Jeffrey Goldberg has a great piece in the Atlantic today about the coverage of, and the response to, the Gaza war.  Why is it, he asks, that the war in Gaza is covered in exquisite detail by news agencies around the world while a far bloodier war, right next door to Israel in Syria, rages on. 372 more words


When Cock Up Starts To Feel Like Conspiracy

Once more we turn our attentions to the failures of our state broadcaster, the once venerable and venerated BBC Scotland. The failures at Pacific Quay have been frequently documented, not least by former BBC employee and now seditious separatist blogger, … 1,427 more words


Rochii domnișoară de onoare

Rochie din voal si tafta pe bias cu crăpătura, cu bust din satin și dantela și volănașe duble din voal.


Psychiatrist of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Commits Suicide

The following is a piece of satire that appeared on ireport.cnn.com written by skywalk3r on June 30th, 2010. It recently got some traction and was subsequently removed from the site since it was flagged by the community as inappropriate. 571 more words

Our biases in ASSUMPTION and ACCEPTANCE of other people!

Just one look. A glimpse. A glance. A peek. And our imagination starts running wild. If possible, our   interpretation and perception of what is placed on our laps is now portrayed as a footstool for appraisal. 766 more words

A Little More Kindness