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Judgment, The Big Elephant In The Room?

The Big Elephant Is Big Obvious

There is a part of me that I don’t want to acknowledge openly but it is there and needs to be outed for some reason. 348 more words


The Demise of the Past

We are no longer living in the past. The world around us is constantly progressing towards something every second of every day. Why is it that the more we progress, the more we retrogress as human beings? 594 more words

Notes on shadow bias

These are notes for myself about shadow mapping bias.
Good summary about all aspects of shadow mapping: http://mynameismjp.wordpress.com/2013/09/10/shadow-maps/

My results:

I’m not sure what’s wrong about Receiver Plane depth bias. 421 more words

Sorry For Bias Writing

If you were on your way to soften blows, why did you never soften the blows you took on me.

Why did you soften everyone’s blows but mine? 12 more words



While Christians and others who will not convert to Islam are beheaded the Muslim community in Australia is being lifted up as a most patriotic, caring and loving group. 290 more words

Religious News & Thoughts

Live and Let Live?

In this video a man calls up 13 bakeries run by homosexuals and asks them to bake a cake stating something contrary to their beliefs. They all refused. 262 more words

Soft musical skills

Ever noticed how there’s all sorts of little things that prejudice you about someone’s musicality before you’ve actually really heard them play (or sing)?

My own assumptions have been thrown into high relief for me by meeting a lot of strangers trying out new projects and doing courses, and particularly by auditioning many guitarists for… 233 more words