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Do You Want to Know HOW Stupid Republicans Are? Homer Simpson TSA Goons Arrested Guy for "Arabic Flash Cards"... D'oh!


Nick George was a student flying from Philadelphia to start his senior year of college in California. However, when a TSA operative found his Arabic language flash cards, they arrested the 21-year-old. 517 more words


REVIEW: Fender Classic Player Triple Tele - Complete and Exclusive

Fender’s brilliant idea to combine Master Builder design and supervision with quality components and Mexican production has seen a number of superb guitars that redefined how much bang you could expect for your hard-earned buck. 844 more words



My problem is the news. My problem is the biased world we unfortunately live in. My problem is the unjust atrocities that happen day in and day out, but because of the news, apparently only one group of people are more worthy of life and human rights than others. 262 more words


Judge under Fire over Murder Case In South Africa

According to Reuters, a formal complaint has been lodged against the take over the murder trial of British businessman Shrien Dewani amid allegations of bias. 92 more words


[Thoughts] Quantum physics, The Matrix and the corporate world

The problem with beliefs (see my previous post “I don’t believe in Digital”) is that beliefs determine your reality.

I am surprised that as individuals and as a human society, we have not learnt of the implication of Quantum Physics and it’s multiple repercussions in all fields of human activities ( but that’s another topic and if you’re interested you’ll find wealth of material on the Internet and a documentary in the footnotes). 662 more words


Why Criticizing Science as "Biased" Gets Us Nowhere; An Example with Fox News

Hi all,

I am always fascinated to hear claims that particular scientific studies are, “biased”. While it is true that there is a lot of unscientific and fradulant findings being published all the time, we need to understand that scientists are people, who hold values and have opinions just as we do. 507 more words


Någonting är allvarligt fel

Det är svårt att beskriva medias rapportering kring Rysslands krig mot Ukraina som något annat än ett första klassens haveri. Eller ska vi säga icke-rapportering, för i valfritt Aktuellt eller Rapport ges kriget omkring 20-40 sekunders uppmärksamhet – en bra dag. 556 more words