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Spectacles, oh spectacles
oh you allow the world
to see through biased lenses.

Image Courtesy: porhomme.com


Art With An Agenda (AKA Fuckin' Art)

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people bitch about something that they saw that was “good, but really biased” that came from a medium that was designed as a conduit… 712 more words


We Can't Over Generalize

In the past couple of years we have been bombarded by media regarding the Middle East. Clearly, life seems to be falling apart in that part of the world due to both external and internal forces. 318 more words


The Power Of The Media Bosses

In the UK 70% of the news is controlled by three companies – (Rupert Murdoch’s own) News UK, Daily Mail and General Trust, and Trinity Mirror. 346 more words



The full dimension of America’s double standards system disguises its biased legal system, which just benefits inequalities and reminds of South Africa’s apartheid system. It only serves those who already are rich and powerful. 24 more words

Feature piece target audience

For my feature I have chosen to write about fur against faux fur. This is a specialist fashion piece, that I would say would feature in a fashion magazine such as Elle. 72 more words

Writing For Purpose- Carmen

Illusion of law

Illusion of law

A divorce might seem trivial but once the people who are set to restrict your freedom and decide about your life do not do their job in the manner they are supposed to things are quite different. 1,122 more words