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Biased Equality or Biased Viewpoint?

We have been overwhelmed with the necessity, righteousness, ethical, and just calls, laws, and reminders to treat any female as any other male with equal opportunities, promotions, responsibilities at work; and to share house shores, uprising offsprings, and bills payment among female and her male. 370 more words


A New Blog

A new start is sometimes needed by all. This is mine.

I am an avid reader of blogs, many that are gaming based, news based, random based, and some just have lovely pictures. 125 more words


Critics that are Assholes

K so I just wrote a fairly nasty post about a “so-called” critic. Took me ten minutes to write with very choice words that would probably make me seem like a total asshole, but I’m taking a deep breath and brushing my shoulders off. 83 more words


Like Satan himself, she’ll raise 2 palms and a white flag.
“Wasn’t me” she’ll declare, and I can’t argue that.
“It was your words”, fair is fair, and I won’t talk back, 81 more words