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Israel-Palestine Conflict: Russell Brand Analyses Shamelessly Bias American News Coverage (Video)

Well done Russell. SPOT ON.

Sean Hannity deserves a drop kick to the chest. What a d**k head!

Watch Hannity’s  (along with a panel of clowns) reply below.


First Person vs. Third Person

This post is the first in a series of which I talk about on about the creation of what I love (books). By this I mean I am going to rave on about different aspects of writing from dealing with writer’s block to character profiling. 857 more words


Silence, please

This is a poem I penned a while back and feels appropriate to share now amidst the radio silence on Gaza.

A bottle of words… 40 more words

On writing contests

I’ve entered writing contests…and wonder about the entire process.

It turns out, the judges are not paid. They’re volunteers who can be anyone from an editor to a reader–at times not even a reader of your genre. 157 more words


The Many Shades of The Fashion Industry - Pakistan

No one can deny the allure of fame. With it comes glitz and glamour, a chance to bask in the limelight – surely a dream come true for many.

1,372 more words