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Explain your Relevance

I am writing this note to myself to help align my thinking why I believe this blog has relevance.

  1. I want to increase the amount of posts relating to the macro view of the economic landscape, by this I mean posting statistical checkpoints.
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Learning to Learn from Indonesia

The World Bank publishes its 2015 development report. Behavioral economics, which the report is about, already earned a Nobel and best-seller positions for popular books on topic. 707 more words

Blog Posts

reblog: Identifying the Biases Behind Your Bad Decisions

Identifying the Biases Behind Your Bad Decisions.

by John Beshears and Francesca Gino

“Insidious biases are often the main cause of ineffectiveness in organizations”

Miscellaneous Tips

Presenting options when persuading

To Persuade Others, Give Them Options  (Harvard Business Review) 

“One of these mental shortcuts is to use comparisons to evaluate a choice, rather than judging one option in isolation. 102 more words


The Tragedy of the Unremarkable Annoyance

I remember the last time I was pulled over. I was on my way to a business lunch on a moderately busy four lane road in Syracuse, NY. 1,580 more words