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Introduction to the Author's Biases

I come from a conservative, Mid-Western, military upbringing. My maternal grandfather was enlisted in the United States Air Force and my paternal grandfather served in both the United States Army and the Navy. 473 more words

Daniel Kahneman: contributions to psychology

“Widely regarded as the world’s most influential living psychologist…”

  • He established  a cognitive basis for common human errors that arise from heuristics (simple rules or mental shortcuts which people often use to form judgments, involving focusing on one aspect of a complex problem and ignoring others) and biases (resulting errors of heuristics are called cognitive biases) (Kahneman & …
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Just a Little Ms. Fix-it

The time my hot water tank burst, I ran straight to my laptop.

The Internet saves my skin regularly.  Doesn’t matter whether it’s a “pink” or a “blue” problem; it helps with measurement conversions, cooking problems, a maintenance issue, scientific matters, computer challenges or some silly fix-it situation. 918 more words

In Search of the Splendid Suns- The Street Children of Zamrudpur

I originally wrote this article in January 2014, researching for University Express, a Delhi University digital newspaper that I was a columnist for, and later for my College Magazine. 842 more words



He sits down next to me on the first day of class,

Handsome, anxious, pensive.

The proximity to another human being makes me shrink against my seat. 356 more words


What "College & Career Ready" Really Means

Reposted from Inside Higher Ed:

While the Common Core State Standards look good in theory, as long as they are yoked to standardized assessments, we will not have students that are truly college and career ready.  211 more words