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Opening the Blinds

All but blind
In his chambered hole
Gropes for worms
The four-clawed Mole.

All but blind
In the evening sky
The hooded bat
Twirls softly by.

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Celiac Disease

Tinder and the Secret of Attraction

BuzzFeed: Attraction and Biases

Interesting article from BuzzFeed. I guess we all have some subconscious biases. Please reflect and have a conversation about with a friend!

-oink <3


Frogs Cause Warts and Other Myths: Debunking "Untruths" that Stand in the Way of Us Living into our Strengths

In Western culture, there is an urban myth that you can get a wart from touching a frog. If that were the case, my frog-catching son would be constantly covered in warts! 664 more words


I'm your Noona - 나는 당신의 누나 - Bias List

The younger guys on my Bias List were ‘beating up’ the older guys ~ _ ~ and in all fairness to both groups, I decided to create… 196 more words


Studies show. .....exactly who are you studying? ???

Courtesy of Google images

So let’s have a talk. Just about every other day there’s a post on my timeline about some study showing all people in one particular area behave a certain way or endure certain circumstances. 256 more words