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Found Money, Play Money, Real Money

Action Tip:  Be careful how you treat “found money,” money that you perhaps won, were given or happened upon. It often doesn’t feel like “real” money and you don’t treat it the same way as if you earned it. 80 more words

Living Below Means

Something for the weekend, sir?

In what seems to now have been a storming comeback, the European chapter of Weekend Testing was a breath of fresh air in the learning opportunities for testers. 793 more words


About Credibility and Inherent Biases

The American sociologist Howard S. Becker introduced for the first time in the social sciences the notion of “hierarchy of credibility,” in his paper, Whose Side Are We On? 309 more words

Bite-size Ramblings

Can People Move beyond Biases?

Can people move beyond biases, the concept is viable but the reality is doubtful. As I see it there is no universal law which creates bias biases simply stems from the mind of human beings. 441 more words

I can't resist anymore...

I tried and I tried to keep him as far away from my Bias list as possible.

I felt like once I added him, he would take over and indeed it’s already started. 125 more words