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Thoughts on Essentialism

In my passive observations of Internet exchanges (some might call it “lurking”), I’ve noticed a tendency in thought that always struck me as wrongheaded. I’m sure all of us have had that feeling – you know something is wrong, but you can’t pinpoint or articulate exactly what is wrong. 138 more words


Is a hard road to success more important than an easy one?

There was another part of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s speech on “The dangers of a single story” that I found interesting but just remembered as I was going through my papers. 481 more words

Morning bias: To get ahead, set your alarm earlier.

Excerpted from Quartz: “No matter what the boss says about flextime, get to work early”

Being a “morning person” may be more than virtuous. It may literally be a criteria for career success. 292 more words

Careers & Interviewing

Knowing your biases

A lesson in critical thinking that I am taught as a potential PhD candidate is to always make an opinion knowing my unique biases. Now this may seem a matter of fact notion but its unbelievable how people take things for granted, at least I have and probably will continue to do so. 537 more words

Drawing Room Talk

The Halo Effect

Put simply, a ‘heuristic’ may be described as a rule of thumb. The word is derived from the same root as the term ‘eureka’ and, from a purely psychological point of view, may be more technically defined as follows: … 694 more words


Ideology as Cognitive Bias

An interesting post I read on the blog Stumbling and Mumbling that got me thinking and I wanted to share. (Read the post here.) 133 more words