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Obsession: Visual Kei bands

I felt like stopping… but I can’t.

They were supposed to be new found interests during the holidays and meant to be forgotten after a few months. 339 more words


Nassim Nicholas Taleb - Fooled by Randomness. And Selection Biases!

In “Fooled by Randomness”, Nassim Nicholas Taleb debunks the myth that “experts” truly consider all rational probabilities before making choices. “Experts”, like most of us, are prone to non-probabilistic/ irrational thinking (driven by emotions) and inclined to taking quick and dirty “mental shortcuts”. 334 more words

Thought Leadership

“Good people are not those who lack flaws, the brave are not those who feel no fear, and the generous are not those who never feel selfish.

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Daniel Kahneman & Amos Tversky - The Quick and Dirty

Excerpt from “Fooled by Randomness” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Author of “The Black Swan”)

Kahneman and Tversky went in completely different direction than Simon (Herbert A. 120 more words

Thought Leadership

Discovering biases

Recently I came across this post – why-owning-an-inexpensive-kindle-could-cost-you-hundreds  , which says that people who buy Kindle spend $445 more than an Amazon user without Kindle. 94 more words

What are your chances of dying from ___ ?

OK, here’s a test for you  …

Rank the the following by the odds that somebody who is in the group or who is exposed to the risk is likely to die. 240 more words

Problem Solving