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Open Theists: When Did They Go Wrong?

By Pastor Bruce K. Oyen
First Baptist Church
Spearfish, SD

    My theme is presented as a question: “Open theists: when did they go wrong?” If you don’t know what “open theism” is, here is my own simplified explanation of it: It is the belief that God does not know ahead of time what choices a person will make about one thing or another. 775 more words

Psalm 2 expository study

Alright, I think I’m overdue for another expository study. Today I’m going to be doing Psalm two. Now, of course, as with any expository study, you need to open up your King James Bible and read it for yourself, these are just my thoughts on a particular chapter. 769 more words


Bible Doctrine of Election-Contents


Part I-Bible Doctrine of Election

Introduction to Election
General Remarks to Disarm Prejudice
Some False Views Examined and Refuted
The Doctrine Defined, Explained and Proved… 51 more words


Disciplining your child is Biblical

Alright, I want to do a short article today on disciplining your child. Now, I only do this article because of the society we live in, and are headed for, has completely made discipline something to never be done. 602 more words


Evidence of hell

Alright, I want to do an article today about the evidence of hell. Not just a warning about it. Now I’m not going to be giving near death experiences as evidence of hell, because, frankly, there is much better evidence. 1,033 more words



Isaiah 63:1-5 Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah? this that is glorious1 in his apparel, travelling in the greatness of his strength? 349 more words


I have everything I need

There was a man at a coffee shop, he was on his cell phone, holding a brief case. His brief case accidentally opened, when a stranger started helping him pick up the papers on the floor. 572 more words