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I AM The God of Love AND Truth 1 Cor chapter 8

Christian liberty

This passage is talking about eating the meat sacrificed in the local pagan temples in

Corinth which was sold in the market at a reduced price. 1,228 more words


Sermon Highlight: Two Analogies

The sun slips below the horizon and families head indoors to relax for the evening. One by one the stars appear and begin to twinkle down on the peaceful neighborhood.  630 more words

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Sermon Highlight: Love Can Only Be a Choice

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Turn or burn!” and the question, “How could a loving God burn people forever in hell?”

I know that quite a few of you will say, “Ah, but God… 344 more words

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I AM the God who builds my church through people 1 Cor ch 3

Tried as by fire

Heaven or hell, good works verses bad ones, reward or penalty, this topic is written about

by every religion there is all around the world. 1,209 more words


Old Testament Bible Dictionary Project

Another school writing assignment, this time from my Bible Survey class (read my last essay from my Education class here). For this project, we were to write three mock Bible Dictionary entries, one about a book of the Bible, one about a Bible character, and one about a place mentioned in the Bible. 870 more words

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