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Paying vows to Jehovah God

66  Shout in triumph to God, all the earth.*+ 2   Make melody to the glory of his name.+ Render his praise glorious. 1,256 more words

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Psalm 66 HRV

1 To the chief musician. A Song. A
Make a joyful noise to Elohim, all the earth;
2 Sing out the honor of His name; give glory to His praise. 864 more words

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Psalm 66 OJB

(For the one directing. Shir. Mizmor.)

Make a joyful shout unto Elohim, kol HaAretz;
|2| Sing forth the kavod Shmo; make kavod (glorious) His tehillah (praise). 402 more words

Bible Quotes

A Father Gets 'A Little Bit R-o-w-d-y' Video

Good Morning!

This video will put a smile on your face.  If this father can show his daughter how much he cares by getting ‘a little bit r-o-w-d-y’, imagine how much our Heavenly Father will show us how much He cares. 64 more words

Religion And Spirituality

How to love your neighbor.

  Love Your Neighbor
you shall not murder
you shall not cheat on your wife
you shall not tell lies
how to love your neighbor
made plain, but we do not obey

Spiritual Poems

May We Tumble Simultaneously...

Why hollo there you wonderful person, you. I have a proposition! If you, like me, enjoy any of the following things, please feel free to follow me on Tumblr! 16 more words