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Easter Series II- Gray

“I am ready to die for you”

The words bounced off the walls and echoed all around the room, each succeeding word starting before the last echo had died and creating a multiple sound pattern of overlapping words with different volumes. 2,042 more words

Bible Stories

Little O'Leary At Sunday School 2

Little O’Leary At Sunday School 2

by Clancy O’Lafferty

Little O’Leary drew a picture on Sunday

Four people seated inside of  an airplane

Three in the rear of it, one in the front… 53 more words

Limericks And Other Irish Verse

What to Remember About the Father's Love on Good Friday

Christians know that God is their Father. But what does this Father’s love mean for us?  Before I had children, I struggled to understand the love of God as a Father. 517 more words


Easter Series: Dark

“It is finished”

The cry reverberated throughout the valley as he hung his head and breathe his last. Drops of blood dripped from his brows, down his face and down his torso joining with the flow from his hands and down to his feet. 1,219 more words

Bible Stories

A-Z: Othniel

Othniel is barely mentioned in scripture, but he’s a key player at a bad time in Israel’s history. After Israel entered the Promised Land, judges led the nation. 155 more words

Passover wine and the New Creation

Today is Maundy Thursday and wine plays an important role in it. The Christian calendar remembers this day as the occasion of Jesus Christ’s last Passover meal with his friends before his execution the following day (commemorated as Good Friday). 316 more words

Wine Culture

A Journey to Remember

It was Good Friday.  Hundreds of people were walking our annual Good Friday “Journey to the Cross” Experiential Worship Service.  From strollers to walkers, from big kids to little kids, people of all ages had just experienced Jesus riding into Jerusalem on his colt waving their palms and shouting “Hosanna!” Children started singing quietly “Sing Hosanna.” The mighty crowd entered the Upper Room with the disciples as little ones were eating “really flat bread” and complaining about the “sour” horseradish herbs of the Passover meal.  302 more words

Learning About Faith