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Next Manga - Bible Stories Told With the Movement and Might Of Manga

The phrase “think outside of the box” or, popularized by Apple “think different , have been heard so often that they are now cliché. Nonetheless, it remains relatively rare and difficult to break out of our thought patterns. 839 more words

Book Review

Angels and Demons

The clouds over mount Nebo were dark and a chilly wind blew. The day had promised a fair weather with the clouds being clear and a warm breeze blowing in from the Jordan river but it had suddenly became cloudy. 1,675 more words


July 22, 2014

Bible stories teach us life lessons on various subjects…sometimes they recount the way God took care of his people, other times they tell how God’s people progressed through history, and still other times the stories of our faith teach us not to follow the same pattern that our Christian ancestors often did.  143 more words

Random Thoughts

July 21, 2014

In the past, God has used some rather unique ways to open the eyes of his people in order to  help bring a change of heart to other people.  33 more words

Random Thoughts

Bible readers, don't check your brains at the door.

Remember Hansel and Gretel? They ate the gingerbread house and got captured by a witch who wanted to bake them in the oven. Would the readers of that text expect that the Brothers Grimm wanted them to kill all witches by baking them?  451 more words


Talking Requires Listening

It almost goes without saying that we discover the unique personality traits of our children by watching and listening to them, but sometimes we forget this in the classroom – for any of a variety of reasons. 481 more words

Bible Stories

Blog Challenge - Day 18: Favorite Childhood Books

I don’t remember being fond of reading when I was a kid. The only time that I had been interested in reading was when I was in high school – during the hype of the Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley University book series. 359 more words

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