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The Secret is a cure to the 4-day funk 090214

Four day funk

I had been feeling so good for weeks then last Wednesday I felt derailed by the delays in getting certified for my fitness instructor training. 2,906 more words

I am Mary Magdalene Pt. 3

I am Mary Magdalene – Part 3

Weeping at the Empty Tomb

This past easter, I chose to walk the path of Mary Magdalene, the same Mary that was… 268 more words

Spilled Milk

Let no corrupt speech proceed out of your mouth, but such as is good for building up as the need may be, that it may give grace to those who hear.  143 more words

My Decision to Not Date for a Year

It’s true. And I’m not bitter! This wasn’t an overnight decision. But it calmed my heart through many nights.

The process took prayer, Bible study, and a helpful article from… 712 more words


God's Love (LIMBU: Bible NT, Revised)

LIMBU: Bible NT, Revised

John (युहुन्‍ना) 3:16

16 निङ्‌वाॽफुमाङ्‌ङिल्‍ले़ इक्‍सादिङ् खाम्‍बेःक्‍मोबा मे़न्‍छाम् याप्‍मिहाॽ साॽरिक् लुङ्‌माॽ तुक्‍तुसिबाल्‍ले़ चोगुल्‍ले़ खुने़ॽ थिक्‍लक् कुस्‍साःन् पाङ्‌घु युःसुरो, हे़क्‍केलॽरिक् खुने़ॽ नसाःन् के़जोःक्‍पाहाॽग मे़म्‍मे़क्‍ने़न्, कर खे़ङ्‌हाॽरे़ मे़न्‍नुप्‍मनाबा हिङ्‌मन् मे़घोःसुॽरो॥


DEVOTIONAL: Dream, Dream, Dream

I daydream a lot. In fact, for a very rough patch of my life all I did was daydream. I would create online shopping carts filled with stuff I was gonna buy *someday* when I had the money. 1,784 more words


30 Days With Wesley - Day 10: Child of Light

(Optional Reading: 1 Thessalonians 5:2-6)

In 1 Thessalonians, Paul describes the church as “children of light.” He goes on to explain how we have come out of the darkness ( 297 more words