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No, the Bible does NOT say "do not be afraid" 365 times

The incessantly made claim that the Bible says “do not be afraid” 365 times is 100% false.  The phrase “Do not be afraid” … 125 more words

The Word of God and me

If you boil me down to what the essential parts of my life are – they would include only one thing – that is the… 312 more words

Beating Fear

An Asteroid The Size of Five Football Fields will be Visible from Earth on Monday

An asteroid the size of five football fields is approaching Earth and is expected to pass by on Monday. It will be visible through strong binoculars – definitely worth a look. 506 more words

End Time Prophecy

Why Paul Probably Wouldn't Sing "Oceans"

“They also know I was there when Stephen, your witness, was killed. I stood there agreeing and holding the coats of those who were killing him!” … 362 more words

Glorious Ruins

Morning Girls!

Well its been a crazy week, a tiring week, an exciting week but most of all its been the best week! massive sigh now! 369 more words



A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there

I had contemplated starting this blog for the longest time now (as with any idea that first comes to my mind) and I gave myself reasons why it wouldn’t work and the most common one was ‘what if no one reads it?’ You see I had to overcome that fear, step out of the box, and as a matter of fact not even recognize that there is a box so that I can grow. 1,488 more words


Mummy mask papyrus may reveal oldest-known gospel

By Brian Mastroianni

Published January 22, 2015


File photo. (REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany)

A team of researchers made a surprising find when examining a papyrus-wrapped mummy mask — they found what they believe to be the oldest-known copy of a gospel in existence. 471 more words

Humor And Observations