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2. Patterns of Evidence: Exodus - Facing the Facts

Is the Bible’s account of the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt a myth?

Or are most archaeologists wrong when they say there is no evidence of an Egyptian sojourn and Exodus? 2,053 more words


We Were There!

Monday, January 19th – Fathom Events’ one-night showing of Timothy Mahoney’s documentary Patterns of Evidence: Exodus. The movie played in only 650 theaters nationwide, a half-dozen of which were here in Cincinnati. 257 more words

David Rohl

"Schaeffer Sunday" Taking on Ark Times Bloggers on the “Absurdity of Life without God!!” Part 18 (More evidence that indicates the Bible is historically true)

The Fruits of Atheism (Part 4)

Uploaded on Apr 10, 2009

Examining the Creation/Evolution Controversy in Light of Reason and Revelation

Evolutionary Hoaxes (Part 1/4) 3,592 more words

Francis Schaeffer

Weekend series in North Florida on Archaeology and the Bible

For anyone in the Florida panhandle, I will be speaking this weekend (January 23rd – 25th) on Archaeology and the Bible at the Live Oak Church of Christ in Crestview (NE of Pensacola). 49 more words

Biblical Archaeology

My Radio Interview on Archaeology in Cali, Colombia

I was in Colombia for most of this month and had the privilege one morning to discuss archaeology on a live radio program in the city of Cali. 102 more words

Biblical Archaeology

Is Mark's Gospel in a Mummy Mask?

Sources have recently reported that a late-1st century copy of Mark’s Gospel on papyrus has been discovered in secondary use as mummy wrapping. The dating is said to be ca. 346 more words

Biblical Archaeology

1. Patterns of Evidence: Exodus - Did It Happen?

Are the jaw-dropping accounts in the Bible real history or only myths?

Does it matter whether accounts like the Exodus plagues and crossing the Red Sea are true records or simply inspiring stories that never actually happened? 1,350 more words