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Sections of the Hebrew Canon?

Note the difference, people! Note it well, or you may be shot as you study the Hebrew Bible.

Biblical Studies

Readers of the Lost Ark

Introduction to Bible Study

Of all the furniture and fixings of the Tabernacle, God first of all indicated to his people that an Ark was to be made. 1,879 more words

Israel of God

In his recently published book, Paul and the Vocation of Israel (BZNW 205. Berlin / Boston: Walter de Gruyter, 2014), my good friend and colleague, Lionel Windsor, discusses how Paul viewed his own vocation as Apostle to the Gentiles within the larger picture of Israel’s vocation as the classic people of God. 46 more words

Biblical Studies

Freeing the Bible from bird cages

I haven’t been publishing much on this blog recently. Many reasons for that, one of which is that I’ve been in a season where the desire to read > the desire to write. 553 more words


What Did Lessing, Schleiermacher, and Kant do to the Bible and the Way we Interpret It?

How did we get to where we have gotten theologically exegetically in our current state, whether ‘Liberal’ or ‘evangelical’ in the modern-post/modern period? How has a ‘reasonable faith’ impeded upon a revealed faith such… 695 more words

Biblical Theology

The Many Titles of Jesus, part 1: Messiah

The most commonly linked title to Jesus’ name throughout history has been that of Christ. This is the Greek word for “anointed one”. You may have also heard the Hebrew word as well, … 495 more words