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The Prophets and the Cross

The Old Testament prophets always seem to be so angry with God’s people. One time I was leading a BIble study when someone said, “I don’t read the prophetic literature because it’s so full of anger, judgment and wrath. 619 more words

Biblical Studies

Trying to Get the Rapture Right (4)

Part Three

So far I have tried to establish a base in biblical texts for my further inquiry into the rapture.  Remember, I write as a non-too-dogmatic pre-tribber whose interest in these posts is to think through the various approaches. 1,297 more words

Biblical Studies

The Irony of the Cross

I mentioned in my last post that Jesus’ teaching was subtle. I chalked this up to the vastness of his teaching. I said that the reason he was so subtle is because what he was saying was so multi-faceted that one cannot grasp it all at first glance. 621 more words

Biblical Studies

Some Thoughts on the Conclusion of Job

The “non-conclusive conclusion” of the book of Job–no direct answer to Job’s complaint is provided; but rather, the conclusion is just to trust God–is not a cop-out after all, but an incredibly satisfying response if you understand the profundity and appropriateness of that conclusion. 161 more words

Biblical Studies

Most scholars argue that the Pauline letters in the Bible are not all authentic

“A combination of philological, rhetorical, theological, and historical evidence has led most scholars to conclude that Paul did not write all letters attributed to him. 132 more words

Biblical Studies

Who's Report Do We Believe?

By Jamal D. Sanders

This post was inspired by the recent storm predictions which as of today have not proven to be true.  However the fact that the millions of people received misguided information still warrants our attention on this topic.   591 more words


Counseling that Contradicts*

Have you ever found yourself caught in the crossfire of contradictory Christian counsel? What do you do when the counsel of a Christian friend or minister is in conflict with a decision that seems best? 521 more words

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