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An Observation About Biblical Studies

It is fascinating to me that many biblical scholars today deride their discipline’s captivity to modernity and modernity’s methods while they at the same time continue to accept conclusions about the biblical text that are clearly tied to a modernistic approach. 194 more words

Biblical Studies

Virtue Training Bible Review and Giveaway

“Train up a child in the way he should go;
    even when he is old he will not depart from it.” -Proverbs 22:8

Have you heard of the… 614 more words


Holiness and the Mission of God

(This post is an excerpt from my working manuscript provisionally titled Holiness in Fresh Perspective or Covenant, Cross, and Kingdom: Holiness in Fresh Perspective. All rights reserved) 792 more words

Biblical Studies

Has the Davidic Covenant Been Initially Realized in the Church?

This is a slightly revised version of what I wrote as a response to a question from progressive dispensationalist Darrell Bock about the inauguration of the Davidic Covenant at the first coming of Christ.   1,141 more words


Holiness in Fresh Perspective: The Corporate Covenant People

(This is an excerpt from my working manuscript, Holiness in Fresh Perspective). All Rights Reserved.

The New Perspective highlights the corporate people of God as a central point of reference of Paul’s theology and thought. 644 more words

Biblical Studies

Early Prayer Private Prayer - Essays on Christian Worship, pt 2

This author is a minister, professor of Biblical Studies at NWOSU, and avid seeker of the truth and knowledge found in the Bible.

An excerpt from his newest writing endeavor, here is today’s post from Dr. 37 more words


Book Review - Christian Faith in the Old Testament: The Bible of the Apostles (Gareth Lee Cockerill)

Gareth Lee Cockerill. Christian Faith in the Old Testament: The Bible of the Apostles. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2014. 256 pp. $14.99

I think it’s fairly accurate to say that for a large portion of lay Christians, the majority of their diet in the Word consists of the New Testament sprinkled with some Psalms and Proverbs. 348 more words

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