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Echoes Till the End of Time

Priscilla and Acquila risked their own lives for St. Paul’s sake. Epaenetus is credited as the first of Asia Christians. Mary worked hard for Paul. Andronicus and Junia were not only relatives of Paul, but were also imprisoned elsewhere as he was in Rome. 420 more words

Author Jeffrey H King

Key Bible and Theological Reference Tools: Theologies

This post is part of a series entitled Key Bible and Theological Reference ToolsThis series seeks to provide one with an introduction to some key Biblical and theological reference tools. 549 more words


Biblical versus Systematic Theology? (by Donald Macleod)

Systematic Theology is often contrasted unfavourably with the relatively new discipline of Biblical Theology. The very terminology immediately sets Systematics at a disadvantage, as if Biblical Theology alone were ‘biblical’ and anything that sets out to be ‘systematic’ should be viewed with profound suspicion. 66 more words



Ezekiel experiences a vision in which an angel shows him a meticulously measured temple and city. One of the fascinating aspects of this vision is that we are told exactly how we are to meditate on it: 572 more words

Biblical Theology

Free Resources for Church Planters

Currently, a significant trend in the U.S. and around the world is a renewed emphasis on starting new churches. More than 4,000 new churches are launched in the U.S. 171 more words


Glory and beauty

In Exodus 28, God instructs Moses in the creation of “holy garments for Aaron your brother, for glory and for beauty.” The innermost garments are linen undergarments, and upon them are layers of more glorious garments. 119 more words

Biblical Theology