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Tom Barker, Published Work, 1920-22

Articles and Reports

Tom Barker spent 1919 on the docks of Buenos Aires, organising a branch of the Marine Transport Workers Union for the IWW. Its members were generally foreign seamen- Buenos Aires was a very busy international port in this era. 543 more words


New book edited by historian Lin Yusheng (林毓生) on the core ideas of Civil Society incl. a historical section









陳弘毅  憲政主義

蔡英文  民族主義、人民主權與西方現代性

蕭高彥  共和主義

曾國祥  保守主義

陳宜中  從列寧到馬克思:論馬克思的共產思想及其與列寧的關聯性

蔡英文  極權主義與現代民主的困境

郭秋永  權力概念的解析

江宜樺  西方「政治」概念之分析

謝世民  政治權力、政治權威與政治義務

石元康  自由主義與現代社會

錢永祥  道德平等與待遇平等:試探平等概念的二元結構

郭秋永  價值中立:實然與應然之間的糾葛



張福建  代表與議會政治──一個政治思想史的探索與反省

王遠義  無政府主義概念史的分析

沈松僑  近代中國民族主義的發展:兼論民族主義的兩個問題

楊芳燕  激進主義、現代情境、以及中國無政府主義之崛起

陳弱水  傳統與近代中國的「公」觀念──兼及「私」的幾個面相

金觀濤  革命、改良和反動

沈松僑  近代中國的「國民」概念,1895-1911

林毓生  二十世紀中國激進化反傳統思潮、中式馬列主義與毛澤東的烏托邦主義


Paper on Celestina at the I Congreso Internacional sobre libro medieval y moderno

The I Congreso Internacional sobre libro medieval y moderno is taking place in Zaragoza from the 10th to the 12th of September 2014. According to the official programme of the event, at 10:55 on Friday the 12th, the independent researcher  Remedios Prieto de la Iglesia will be giving a paper on a celestinesque topic, with the title “Constricciones y libertades ortográficas de los impresores en cuatro ediciones tempranas de  8 more words


New Stories and Poems

Hey all you vagabonds and wild people, quick note:

I’ve updated the bibliography with some recent sales, added some new poems and a fairly old Gergian fantasy story… 41 more words


Bibliografia (Bibliography)

1) Simonetta A. (1949)- Hoard of coins found along the Great St. Bernard Pass. The Numismatic Circular, (July,1949), pp.356-357. 6,260 more words

Central Park History

CentralParkHistory.com is the most complete online history of Central Park the world’s most famous public park. All content and images contained on this site are taken from “The Park and the People: A History of Central Park” written by Roy Rosenweig and Elizabeth Blackmar… 7 more words

Central Park

Visualizing Nineteenth-Century New York | Central Park

In visualizing nineteenth-century New York City, Central Parkis one of the quintessential landmarks developed from 1858 to 1900 that can’t be ignored. The park is not only significant as part of the nineteenth-century urban landscape, but also because its history serves as a window onto the socio-cultural values, class struggles, and political tensions in the rapidly developing metropolis. 159 more words

Central Park