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Taking Softshell To The Extreme Level

Are you ready for the next big thing in insulation clothing? Well it’s here! RefrigiWear has taken our Softshell Garments to the next level – … 494 more words

Holiday Bibs

I cut out 4 bibs the other day. Orange & Black. I embroidered 2 for Halloween and the other 2 for Thanksgiving. 3 came out really cute, but for some reason, 1 didn’t. 50 more words


New Listings - Bibs & Dolls

Anyone who knew me when Maddie was a baby knows that she vomited, a lot.  Not only total gross out, change of clothes, wipe down the walls, mop the floor, wash the lounge covers type but also the tiny dribble every few minutes or so.   252 more words


Skibz Bibs Review

Dear mummy, I must be teething as drool is dripping from my mouth! At 18 months old, I only have 10 teeth…2 front bottom, 4 top front and 4 molars piercing the skin, they must be biggy’s coming through as my mummy has never seen drool pour out of my mouth before like this! 421 more words


I'm Not Just Kid-Ing Around


I was watching a movie the other day with a pair of 50 year-old protagonists who claimed to be regressing into greater childlike behavior the more they aged.  757 more words

All About Me

Completed Projects

Apart from the ANZAC cross-stitch, I have completed a few other projects, mostly as gifts for friends or family. I have deleted personal details from the stitches so my apologies for the blobs in the middle of the pictures. 308 more words


lady in pink apron

Matching baby bibs and mommy apron ❤ This is so sweet. They also have in blue and purple. If you want to have one please contact Line : myhappychu or inbox to… 38 more words