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How Old Is She?

Adelaide is 3-years-old. And this past weekend, she was called “an adorable baby” and “a precious 12-month-old” and someone said in a weird baby voice “pwetty baby, don’t you think mommy should let you get out of that baby stroller and try to walk?”…ugh. 466 more words

Adelaide {on A Noble Journey}

Brain Dump...

I haven’t been happy with the things I had for our mini gallery wall for our living-room area. SO I had been doing what I do best and procrastinating.. 751 more words

Aunts Not Ants

I love being Aunt Megan, even if most of my communication with little Mary is long-distance. Call me Tia or Aunt or mispronounce that as Ant. 187 more words

Artist's Studio

Cyber Monday...on this lovely Tuesday!

Holy macaroni Jacob…was Monday as rough for anyone else as it was for me? Sometimes when I take vacation or time off I’m secretly excited to get back to work out of a) sheer boredom b) lack of social interaction from being a homebody and watching an unhealthy number of hours of netflix, OR c) my crazy fam drove me nuts and I go to work to remember what sane people are like. 462 more words


Be Proud: Display your bibs and medals

Before I moved to the United States, I used to put my bibs on my bedroom’s door. My dad hated but since it was my bedroom door, even tough it was his house, he never said anything. 531 more words


Personal Best (PB) Replicas

Created a new twist for anyone looking to display their race worn racing bibs. It’s a one-of-a kind, hand carved replica of the bib, made to look like it did after you crossed the finish line. 60 more words