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Mystery Jets @ Hoxton Docks for the Converse 'Sneakers Would' campaign

The other night I went along to a secret Mystery Jets gig at Hoxton Docks as part of the Converse Sneakers Would campaign which gives fans the chance to sign up to an online community where they can gain access to free last minute secret gigs as well as lots more exciting stuff! 211 more words


Cosmic inflation: BICEP 'underestimated' dust problem

Source: BBC, by Jonathan Amos, 9/22/2014

One of the biggest scientific claims of the year has received another set-back.

In March, the US BICEP team… 136 more words


Sisterhood - Tunnels [TIEF005]

Tunnels features three original tracks showcasing the London based duo’s versatility and maturity as producers with Bicep reconstructing the title track, morphing it into a punchy, bassline focused roller with piercing atmospheric pads.



Planck CMB Polarization and BICEP2

The Planck collaboration has released a new measurement of the power spectrum of polarized light from dust. It’s been getting a lot of press because the measurement seems to present a challenge to the earlier (and much-touted) BICEP2 result that claimed to see evidence of primordial gravitational waves in polarized light from the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). 81 more words


Big Bang 'Proof' Might Just Be Space Dust, Study Finds

A major discovery touted as proof of the explosive origins of our universe may simply be interference from space dust, new research suggests.

This past Spring, a research team called Bicep… 345 more words

TD 19092014


1h spinning (teaching class)

30mins swimming


10km outdoor cycling


30mins treadmill power walk

1h circuit training

3×12 shoulder press

3×12 bicep curl (dumbbells) 11 more words


Day 2a - bi's & tri's

DB curl -20lb
Cable push down- 70lb
Cable curl – 50lb
D-ring press down (singles)- 15lb
Hammer curl – 20lb
Over head ext- 30lb

Cardio- 15min post workout… 66 more words