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You Were Thinking...

The incredible arms of the incredible Doug Brignole. I know, you were thinking I only photograph women.

Arm Blow Up on the Bosu Ball

For today’s lift sesh I tossed my arms a curve by using the bosu ball. I had been doing the same sorta routine for a while and so I went an entirely different direction. 59 more words


5 Days of Abs and a Fantastic Cycling Workout

I did five days of abs this week in a final push to try to define my midsection. It’s more of an ongoing thing. But the cycling class on Tuesday was the best one I’ve been to! 560 more words


6 secrets to big arms

Let me apologize in advance if you thought these four biceps exercises were going to somehow deliver magical results. They won’t. But allow me to fill you in on a secret that longtime bodybuilders know that few newcomers care to believe: It’s more than just the exercises you do that matter most. 532 more words


7 Basic Arm Workouts for Beginners

Lets talk guns. No, not the type of guns that shoots bullets, but the type that will win an arm wrestling match. Here are some of my favorite arm workouts to tone and strengthen those arms. 448 more words