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Body Under Maintenance, Week Seven, Life Is Good But Sore!

This week seemed a little bit longer than usual, classes, weight lifting, learning new Les Mills releases.

But regardless of the feel of the time, I tried my best in week seven to workout and do all I can regarding increasing weights, and again the motivation comes from the “Beast” and his help and support means a lot to me, because he makes me discover that I simply can! 130 more words


Tone those shoulders!

Here’s a beginners exercise to strengthen your shoulders, traps, & biceps! 💪

Starting position- Grasp a barbell with an overhand grip that is slightly less than shoulder width. 116 more words


13 Weightlifting Tips for Real Men

By Todd “The ‘Cep” Brock, guest contributor

Bro, let me ask you something: you wanna get huge? Sure. Who the fuck doesn’t? But it’s hard, right? 1,695 more words

Solid Advice

Shoulders, Bi's & Tri's

I just got home from work half an hour ago and am eating dinner at 10:15, so this is going to be a quick post!  Things were crazy today because everyone wanted to get as much done as possible before the “storm” hits tomorrow.   307 more words

150124 Saturday

Workout: P90X Back and Biceps

Difficulty: Medium

Lenght: 55 min includ. warmup.

Equipment: Yes, dumbells or resistance bands

Source: http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/p90x.do

Review: This program leads to some jaw-dropping biceps, also knows as “guns” in the weight training world. 207 more words


Polishing the Guns

LAST NIGHT’S (FRI 1/23) TARGET: Biceps, Back, and light Shoulders

1. Weighted pull-ups (alternating grip): One of my favorite workouts. An absolute MUST for a bigger, broader back. 328 more words


Back & Biceps


narrow grip pulldowns (reverse grip my forearms were holding me back)
72/16 breakdown 40/15 30 sec stretch

low pulley rows 1 armed… 95 more words