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White Skin, Mexican Heart (Preview)

I see my younger daughter’s eyes glaze over as her daddy and I tell one more round of “remember that time in Mexico….” Used to be, she’d chime in with her own recuerdos. 738 more words


Oxford’s Playgroups in every language – PART 1

At the start of the bilingual (or even trilingual) trip of life with kids you often are looking for places where they can meet and play with other children. 595 more words


MULTICULTURALISM & How Being Bi-Cultural Can Make You a Better Leader

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: “Univ. of Michigan & Columbia Univ. research shows that leaders who succeed view their culture as helping their leadership rather than hindering it. 118 more words


Double Identity | Sinkane and Helado Negro mine cultural duality for expressive pop music

“When I’m here, in the United States, I’m Latin, because my family’s from Ecuador, so I’m Ecuadorian. When I’m in South America, I’m a gringo, because I was born here. 8 more words


Review: Mixed

What can the parents of mixed race children learn from the experience of people who are, themselves, mixed? That’s the question that was in the back of my mind while reading… 2,348 more words


Who am I? The everlasting multicultural question

Bringing up children is a fantastic journey but it’s also a challenging one. More than you might imagine you’re propelled into your own childhood and have to consider what you want (or don’t want!) to pass on to your kids. 504 more words

Bilingual Families

Voices of Immigration

by Kimberly Blacutt

“Today, migration affects nearly every country in the world, either as a point of origin, transit, or destination and often, all three at once,” according to a 2014 United Nations Population Fund report. 807 more words