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I have been reflecting deeply on the meaning of ‘assume’ over the past few months.  In French ‘assumer’ translates as ‘take responsibility’ or more colourfully: ‘own your shit’.   505 more words

Is She or Isn't She...?

She’s got a wonderful sense of humour. Her eyes sparkle like… diamonds. Or stars. You don’t know, you don’t care that you just used cliché lines, because hey, those eyes really do shine like diamonds. 1,047 more words


Boat ball (continued). 3 months' worth of intervening perspective.

I think I left things off, 3 months ago, with L leading me to the bathroom where we had a little Vodka party for two. … 1,229 more words

On the straight and narrow

I never specifically say what it is I’m looking for. Partially because I don’t know and partially because I think it would be off putting to other people if they thought they didn’t match any criteria I may have. 972 more words


my lips they do crave

the companion of other

ever curious minds

Something Specific