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It's Easy to love Easy A

Apologies for another punny title and… Yes… I’ve managed to have time to watch something other than Pride.


“Let me just begin by saying there are two sides to every story. 1,045 more words


Hard To Draw The Line

I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing.
This guy came into my life as a friend. I was able to connect with him in so many ways beyond most of my friendships it was hard not to grow a stronger bond. 1,289 more words


My Girlfriend's Big Beautiful Tits

Wooohooooo! Got permission from our married couple friend to show off the gorgeous boobies I have been fantasizing about. So many thoughts go through my head when I see her gorgeousness. 123 more words


Why Lesbians Steer Clear of These 7 Types of Bi Women

Life is tough out there for bisexual women and they get equal amounts of crap from lesbians and straight people. So they definitely don’t need me piling on, but that won’t stop me. 851 more words