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My Girlfriend's Big Beautiful Tits

Wooohooooo! Got permission from our married couple friend to show off the gorgeous boobies I have been fantasizing about. So many thoughts go through my head when I see her gorgeousness. 123 more words


Why Lesbians Steer Clear of These 7 Types of Bi Women

Life is tough out there for bisexual women and they get equal amounts of crap from lesbians and straight people. So they definitely don’t need me piling on, but that won’t stop me. 851 more words

Drunk Enough

“Hey Nick,” came the slurred words of Scott’s voice from the other line. “I’m a little bit drunk, do you think you could pick me up?” I could tell he was more than “a little bit drunk,” because it took me about a minute and a half to decipher what he had actually said. 2,411 more words


Sucking Kevin

“Hey, Kevin?” I said to the straight guy I was hopelessly in love with.

“Yeah, Nick?” he said, not looking up from his handheld game. 835 more words


Incident Nine: She looks like you

The first proper break up with Mr Weirdo left me crushed. I had lost all my Uni friends, and all the ones I had made at his Uni were more his friends than mine. 634 more words

A Woman Scorned #2

Introduction Bi Me

Bisexuality is not that tricky really, but as a bisexual person the world has it’s own notions about your attraction to both sexes.   This is my bi blog to raise awareness and shed light on the hypocrisies in the straight and LGBTQ communities.   505 more words


WATCH: Sh*t Lesbians Say To Bicurious Girls

 By Noah Michelson Email RSS Posted: 07/07/2014 12:00 pm EDT Updated: 07/07/2014 12:59 pm EDT Print Article Share Tweet 0 Email Comment

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