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ON YOUR LEFT! Or ding-ding-ding.

Bells vs. a hearty shout of “on your left”.  I haven’t bothered to look up the derivation of “on your left” but I think I have a pretty good grasp of where it came from.  285 more words

Bicycle Commuting

Minimalism and Electric Bicycle Tools

I fancy myself an authority on tools and the idea of tools being part of a minimalists inventory.  Tools of course come in many different shapes and sizes.  307 more words

Bicycle Commuting

Cycling Motivations, in Haiku

Herein I proffer, for your poetic pleasure, 13 haikus presenting my preference for pedaling.

Morning sunshine is

peacefully peeking through trees,

gently welcoming

Cycling means freedom; 145 more words

été doux

A very mild summer (été doux) so far, by Dayton standards.  So mild in fact that our flowers are still flourishing.  Usually by August it’s a constant battle to keep enough water on the flowers and certain veggies to keep them alive much less thriving.  18 more words


Joe Rodota/West County Trail Improvements

I commute on the Rodota Trail between Sebastopol and Santa Rosa every day. Until the Great Recession hit Sonoma County Regional Parks’ budget, crews kept the trash under control, but over the past several years, some parts of the trail have unfortunately gotten trashier and trashier. 101 more words


Electric Bicycle Commuting and Fitness

I hesitate to bring up fitness on this blog simply because being fit is not a prerequisite to commuting by electric bicycle.  What I have found is that most Americans, my personal friends and family included consider an adult on a bicycle a fitness oriented activity.  454 more words

Bicycle Commuting

Being Different

How many times do we tell our children to be themselves, be different, stand out from the crowd etc? Many times is the correct answer if you missed it dock yourselves 20 points. 428 more words

Bicycle Commuting