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Quick DIY Tip #2: Putting Together a Flat Repair Kit.

In this “DIY Tips” series, our mechanics will give you tips on topics¬†that you don’t need a pro for. Often everyday subjects, we’ll include slick little pointers that typically¬†aren’t considered. 568 more words

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A Bicycle in a Bag Kit

This a pretty cool. It’s a light weight bike that you can carry in a backpack!
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Bicycle Tips

Feel good midsummer

You’ve ridden a bunch of miles, and perhaps even some races or events. The biggest mistake people make this time of year is not taking a recovery week. 41 more words

Bicycle Tips


Back off at the first sign of injury. Three to five days off the bike is better than missing a month or two. Take regular rest days.

Bicycle Tips

Strong abdominal and trunk muscles

Cycling requires strong abdominal and trunk muscles, but doesn’t work them as much as other activities. So core cross-training is very important.

Bicycle Tips

Dairy makes a good diet better

Milk added to whole grain breakfast cereal, yogurt mixed with fresh fruits and nuts, kefir blended into pancake batter, or Greek-style yogurt stirred into soup. One cup of dairy contains 30 percent of your daily calcium and vitamin D needs, 25 percent of the daily value of riboflavin (a vitamin essential for the growth and repair of body tissues), and more than 10 percent of your daily potassium requirements.

Bicycle Tips

Rely on your front brakes

Shoot for 60 percent of your braking power up front, and you you have a smooth controlled stop.

Bicycle Tips