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Bicycle Crankset Design and Analysis

In this project one had to design a bicycle crankset which consisted of right and left crank arms, a pulley, two pedals, and a lower bracket spindle. 1,493 more words


Ski Hill Rules

I was walking across the Cambie Street Bridge in the late-afternoon July sun, minding my own business when you came at me from behind. The handlebar in the middle of my back thrust an obscenity from my throat as I was shoved forward and your orange, fixed-gear bicycle tumbled through the air. 177 more words

Utrecht, Holland

From Belgium we kept moving north and ended up in Utrecht, a really sweet little town in Holland. Quaint would only begin to describe this place. 21 more words

Yellow part II

Another yellow themed post. I actually shot this one a few weeks back in Edwardsville but finally got around to processing it. Posted to Flickr last night and to my Facebook account. 26 more words