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We Love You Kim...But There's Only One Audrey Hepburn!

Kim Kardashian is a style star but she’s no Audrey Hepburn.

The reality star was spotted in Miami on Wednesday for a photo shoot. It appears as if the shoot was inspired by Audrey Hepburn and her famous role in Sabrina. 108 more words


Berluti x Cycles Victoire Cycle

法國頂級手工皮鞋品牌Berluti與自行車界聞名遐邇的著名製造工場Cycles Victoire合作,以純手工製造,將Cycle Victoire的專長結合Berluti標誌性的優雅設計,製造出獨一無二的自行車。設計靈感源自上世紀初郵差使用的送信自行車,洋溢古樸美感,配備度身訂造置物架,特備現代頂尖設備,包括銅纖焊車架、鋁製手把桿、鉸鏈及座位架、木製輪圈等。

Cycles Victoire由四位熱愛自行車運動的好友於2011年創立,結合最先進的技術與傳統工藝,只生產以客人喜好為設定的定製自行車,充分表現法國在自行車製造方面的卓越成就。


Hold My Beer

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A Good Friday – Our 6th Anniversary

We were pleased when we were told that we would have the day off on Good Friday, as this also happened to be our anniversary of when we met 6 years ago. 155 more words

Springwater Corridor

a bike poem

At thirty-nine degrees,
the first clear light of day
steams fresh
the memory of night
before my eyes.
This dawn journey
boasts few fellow travelers, 54 more words


A Few April 2014 Ride Photos

Pollen’s been filling the air since early April, this year.  I’ve been braving the pollen storm and riding quite a bit in spite of feeling like I’ve got poison ivy in my sinuses and on my eyes.  Here are a few pictures from some of my April rides, as well as a close-up of the NOS Suntour Symmetric downtube shifters now installed on the Miyata 610.  although I miss the ratcheting clicks of the Suntour Power shifters, I much prefer downtube to stem-shiters.