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Comic Strip Nostalgia...

As a twenty something (non cycling) punk, Calvin & Hobbes was one of my absolute favorite comic strips and to this day still is! Bill Wattersons take and homage to the bicycle is both heartwarming and incredibly funny all at once….and for cyclists, oh so apropos!


Do you have snow tires for your bike?

Last week, I was asked twice if I had snow tires for my bike. The short answer is no. I don’t need snow tires. My bike actually handles the snow pretty well. 450 more words


Roads, Hedges, Camera...Action! (Last lap of the Ulster GP)

A week and a half into January and I am suffering from cabin fever already…

With temps here in the northeast ranging from the single digits to the 20’s and some snow and ice on the ground, I have not been on the bike since the 2nd. 126 more words


The Numbers - 2014

I love riding my bike and the numbers aren’t that important, but they’re something I can’t help but keep track of all year long. In the three years that I’ve really been riding and tracking miles, this is my best biking year. 160 more words


Odds, Observations-n-Ends

I was on the fence about the almost ‘obligatory’ year-end synopsis riding post…because after all, these types of posts are mostly self-serving…but what the hell. If nothing else, it’s a post… 901 more words


Bicycling for Booze in Seattle: Ballard Breweries & Woodinville Wineries

Seattle is an amazing city for many things like the green spaces, the amazing snow-capped mountains surrounding it, the Puget Sound, and its proximity to bikeable boozing. 401 more words

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