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“ Man’s Hold ” ~ means to be fed ~

A singular being
Akin to whole,
Who so composed
Said worthy soul,
Be for man’s hold
Who means be fed
This criteria gold,
What he inclines,
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My Poetry


January 27, 2015

There has been repeated comments by our BOC and County Manager about “bringing Jasper County into the 21st century.” Mostly this comment is made as they agree to spend money and/or go into debt for something they want. 823 more words


To Rush or Not to Rush: First-Years Sound Off

To rush, or not to rush? That is the question. Read what our first year writers had to say about their decision. 754 more words


ScootBiz Bidding: Gamification That Works

Gamification used to be the trendy buzzword couple of years back. Although industry hot shots are not raving about it anymore, the main idea makes still perfect sense. 308 more words


Winning New Clients and Challenges in the Construction Market - Part One

Winning more work is top of the list for most businesses. Bidding in the construction world has probably never been more competitive than it is now. 677 more words

3d Animation

the 14 of 2014: our next assignment

After the oh-so-crazy bidding process began, we were on pins and needles, wondering about our next assignment. To make matters more nerve-racking the State Department released a cable telling all bidders that, basically, this was the hardest bidding season to date.   287 more words


Bidding on beads or why wear jewelry

What use is jewelry?
Why wear it?

You can wear it because it constitutes all your wealth. Because your riches are in there. Because that is the gift from your family when you wedded your husband: you can wear your whole dowry. 490 more words