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Know When To Fold 'Em

I have been a DealDash bidder since September of 2012 and have won 298 auctions to date.

I am honored to be a part of the DealDash community and be able to express my opinions and tell my stories here on this blog site which provides excellent reviews of DealDash along with bidding tips and strategies to help others. 152 more words


Why It Pays To Sit Back And Watch DealDash Auctions

Over a week ago, DealDash offered 5x your free bids to generate more bidding on auctions. I have been a bidder since 2012 and have never looked for a reason to continue bidding! 395 more words


New Pricebenders Bonus Bar and Bid Log

Starting today, we are testing two new features at some of our Pricebenders auctions.

1. Bonus Bar

The new Pricebenders Bonus Bar is a live, realtime progress bar that sits atop each auction. 420 more words


Why I Bid Small

I’ve been shopping on DealDash.com for over 1 year and my auction bidding strategy is to bid small.

I enjoy bidding on the lower valued items DealDash lists up for auction. 336 more words


DealDash Bidding Tips Collected Since 2012

I am a 60 year old grandmother hoping to retire soon and have been bidding and shopping on DealDash.com since September 2012.

When shopping on DealDash it’s important to keep some things in mind. 339 more words


Slow But Steady

Thankfully, I have sold two doll fashions in one week!  So, Lord willing, I am going for my third.  Production is slow, but I am trying to be consistent.  50 more words


Enjoy Wasting Bids And How To Stop

Over the past few months I have watched “new” bidders come to DealDash, and waste their purchased bids and free bids by jumping into an auction and bidding after every single person places a bid. 324 more words