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Justin Bieber, Kim K, Akon And More Loses Millions Of Instagram Followers, Mase Deletes Account Out Of Shame

Justin Bieber has lost over three million followers on Instagram. Other stars like Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Tyga and more have alsodropped in their social media numbers due to a huge purge on behalf of Instagram. 211 more words

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NEW | Five Things (Week 1)

Each week as I go about my cyber travels, I find a wealth of interesting things. Some I share to Facebook, some I bookmark and some I sadly lose track of … Many however I find myself wanting to share. 707 more words


Boom! 1/8 DMD

As of today I have officially completed 1/8 of my DMD degree at HSDM! Woo!!!! Final completed, got some more sleep, about to go to TGIF to celebrate, play some Super Smash Bros Wii U tonight for the first time (finally!), have an awesome gf, get to finally get back to working on Christmas presents, life is good! 89 more words

People Who Need to STFU and GTFO

1. Super religious people who try to convert everyone—you annoy the shit out of me.  Like, for serious.  I don’t ever want to see your face.   378 more words


Level of Confidence

The level of confidence I strive for is that of when a person walks in on me when I’m using the restroom and I can just look them dead in the eye and say, “Hey, how’s it going?” with the biggest smile on my face.   10 more words


The Conflict

There’s just NO over-sharing this! XD