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Justin Bieber Apologizes for Being a Douchebag

Justin Bieber posted a video to his Facebook page yesterday after being on the Ellen show. He basically apologized for being a little turd this past year, and promised to be a decent human being from now on. 86 more words


Do You Accept Bieber's Apology? These Callers Don't Agree

Yesterday, Ellen had a surprise guest on her birthday show, Justin Bieber. This sure was a surprise for Ellen but what was more surprising is the ‘apology’ video he posted on his Facebook after. 89 more words


The 16 Common Struggles of the German ETA

Working abroad sounds amazing. And it for sure has some upsides and some downsides/learning experiences. Here is a collection of general life experiences that I have noticed myself and the other Fulbright ETA’s experiencing (THANKS FACEBOOK GROUP for your questions and “Hey, I feel you”s) 740 more words


30 Most Anticipated Albums of 2015

Just when you start to ask yourself “Where there hell is Adele?”

Adele, Bieber, Drake, Fifth Harmony and more artists have us on standby this year as we anticipate new ish in our playlists. 92 more words


Bieber´s Bulge Got Photoshoped

A Calvin Klein insider (I´m imagining not a belieber) released a raw image from the Calvin Klein photo shoot. The image, before any post production edits, suggests much muscle enhancement across his pecs, back, biceps, and thighs, as well as some serious bulge padding. 71 more words



If you came here looking to read about Justin Bieber’s death, rest assured, he is unfortunately still alive and spitting.

I was leaving home in Kuala Lumpur today to return to my campus up North in Alor Setar. 501 more words