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Republicans Support Chainsawing Off Legs Of Conscious Calves

Did you know that about 7% of calves and cattle are still conscious going down the slaughter lines when their legs are cut off with chainsaws? 306 more words

More Evidence of Chemicals Harming Humans

Pesticide Use by Farmers Linked to High Rates of Depression, Suicides

Most of pesticides these are designed to attack the nervous systems of insects. Are they attacking the nervous system of farmers? 67 more words


The Animal Rights Leadership Council Website Is Launched

In a previous article I discussed the planned Animal Rights Leadership Council. I believe it is the most significant and worthwhile project currently in existence. 447 more words

Animal Rights

Farmageddon: A movie review by Guest Blogger: Authentic Female

If you’re a smart consumer, or at least a skeptical one, then you’ve been awakened to the perils of consuming anything produced by big agro business or “Big Ag”. 646 more words

Bad Government

The Eco-Socialists

The Industrial socialists of the 19th and 20th Centuries failed in their goals. The Soviet Union is gone. Capitalism won. Industrial socialists had little regard for the environment, and none for animals. 585 more words

Animal Rights